Asked on Dec 15, 2011

We recently had a pretty good wind storm (100mph+) and it took care of a lot of my shingles.

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I've had several roofers come with bids and they ALL say I need a new roof because the singles on my roof can't be matched. The insurance company said they'll replace two sides of my roof (one side faces the back yard, the other faces to side of yard). I think the insurance company said they'll do 6 squares.
Unfortunately they cut me a check for $2800 (that includes a window and bar-b-q that were damaged) and that's about $3K less than the lowest roofer bid to repair what he could, and around $8K less than all of the roofers "suggested I get done".
I called the insurance company for a re-look after one of the roofers offered to talk to the insurance company for us; and that has resulted in nothing but "explanations on why the check was the amount it was". The insurance company says they are not required to make the shingles match. The roofers say they can't physically match the shingles because they are different styles not just different colors.
My question is: What the heck can I do? I've got bare wood showing on the worst parts and the plastic covering might not hold up much longer (it's snowing here).
I thought about getting the re-look, seeing if the insurance company will at least fork up another $5K (yeah) and I'll "try" to pay the difference for a new roof (The bids for an entire new roof are between $9500 and $10,500).
I have American Family right now; but I think when this is over I'll move over to USAA.
Back side wind damage.
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  • The Money Pit
    The Money Pit
    on Dec 15, 2011

    This is why people hate insurance companies! My advice is to contact an independent insurance adjuster. These folks are in the business of getting you every penny they owe you. You should call your insurance agent or attorney to see if they can refer you to someone, or check out the website for the National Association of Independent Insurance Adjusters here: Besides the insurance company, there's another culprit here and that's the roofers! This is an easy fix that they are trying to turn into a big job for themselves. They may not be able to match this exactly but they should be able to come close and get you roof water tight for a very small price -- meanwhile, get an adjuster to go after the insurance company. They work on a commission so they don't get paid unless you do and always get more than what the insurance companies offer! Whatever you do, don't do anything to "accept" the insurance company's offer. Once yo do, there may not be a way to reopen the case.

  • The insurance company must make you whole again. While an independent insurance adjuster can help you, they will take a portion of the proceeds out of the difference of what they your insurance company ends of paying you from what they originally would pay you. The insurance adjuster association as shown by Money Pit is a good way to start. You need to stick to your guns on this. If you have not yet cashed the check do not do it. Once you accept their payment your pretty much stuck. The shingle colors must match. If they did not match your home would lessen in value if you decided to sell. But black is black, and gray is gray. There always will be some slight color differences when repairs are made. If you have a family lawyer, get them involved. You should not have to accept a sub-standard repair on your roof or any other area of your home for that fact. Also your insurance policy type has a lot to do with what you get. Some policies only cover value on the roof, not real replacement costs. Lots of folks get burned when they have a loss and only get a check for the current value of what is to be replaced, not what it cost to replace. Take your BBQ, if you paid $500 new, and its a year old. It deprecated in value. So they are only going to give you perhaps $250 for it. If you had replacement coverage they would give you a check for what ever that model cost new now, even if it went up to $550. Six square of shingles replaced is around $1,500 just so you know. Also I do not understand why they cannot get the color for your roof. You will get some color difference because of lot numbers etc. But it should be close enough and after the sun gets on them they should fade and match in short order.

  • Straight Nails Construction
    Straight Nails Construction
    on Dec 15, 2011

    I did this with Allstate back in the spring. We asked for a supplimental claim backed up with written estimates. They cut the additional money.

  • Justin S
    Justin S
    on Dec 15, 2011

    We had another roofer show up today. He couldn't look or climb up due to snow on the roof but he did say just from the pieces he could see it woudl be more than a simple repair. Here's hoping that with enough written estimates our insurance company will help out. One of the roofers that initially came by was also a lisenced insurance adjuster. He was the first to suggest a re-look and press for a bigger job than simple replacment of the slopes.

  • Another thought is to check with your state insurance department to see if there may be consumer protection information to explain your rights (or other consumer protection group). Also ask for a specific reference to your insurance policy and the provision being interpreted. Insurance is one of those things that it is important to have a good agent and not some 800 number. A good agent can tell you the ins and outs of your policy and how things are interpreted or how to move to a higher level.

    • Cor1382303
      on Oct 21, 2015

      @Kevin M. Veler, Law Office of , can you really do that when it the insurance company being unable to pay the whole cost of the repair? If so, then it seems like I'll have to talk to the roofing contractor about maybe coming over to check the shingles of my roof. Mainly because my shingles have also been damaged due to last night's hail storm. <a href='' ></a>

  • KMS Woodworks
    KMS Woodworks
    on Dec 16, 2011

    With most of the damage up near the peak...this is an easier repair than if it was located near the eave. The old roof can be removed down to the damage and then new installed back up to the ridge. Shingles are not that expensive...about $32 a bundle. 4 bundle /per sq. x 6 sq = about $800 total...add in 2 k for labor....? But this check was for a BBQ and Window too? did they itemize those? The bottom line is most insurance companies try to get by with the minimum they can...and then after a single claim will jack up your rates and /or cancel your policy....they are necessary in the sense that they are require to back liens etc....but in my book they seem to prey on the average "Joe" ...or in this case the average "Justin"

  • Bob and RodMan S
    Bob and RodMan S
    on Dec 17, 2011

    One reason many roofers avoid partial repairs is that, once they do the work they pretty much "own" the whole roof. Subsequent problems not realated with their work often lead to quibbles over where and why the leaks are occuring. Most prefer to at least work from break to break. that is to replace an entire section peak to eave, valley to gable. About the only way they can reasonably warranty their work.

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