14 Shocking Furniture Transformations Using Fabric

Now, THIS is what a bit of new fabric can do!

By Hometalk Highlights

She Turned This Old Settee Chic

It was striking before, but now this fancy seating piece is actually fit for a queen.

Green DIYer Does a Greener Makeover

For someone who’s never done an upholstery project before, this work is pro level!

These Two Get a Couple's Makeover

This pair was made for time together! Can you believe they were once boring office seats?

Her Wingback Chair Is As Sweet As Angel Song

This fresh update is such a purer, prettier finish & it’s all about that fabric.

It Was All Business, Til She Made It Pop

You’ve never seen a plainer, more straightforward chair. Which is why her update is awesome!

From Dull & Dreary to Bright & Wonderful

This set had definitely seen better days, but after her TLC, they’ve never looked more stunning.

Her Soothing Transformation for a Dark Seat

With the perfect calming fabric coat, this dark chair looks so fresh and rejuvenated.

She Gave This a Burst of Contrast

It was cute and cottagey before, but now this little wooden chair pops with contrast & color.

Simple and Sunny New Look for a Folding Chair

A plain old folding chair just became the most fun piece of furniture you’ve ever seen.

An Outdated Vanity With a Fresh New Face

The bones of this piece were gorgeous but the the color? Not great. Until now!

80-Year-Old Couch Looks Brilliant in Blue

This cozy seat looked like a dirty pinkish blob. Now, it’s light and chic and perfect!

An Antique Pair Turn Young Again

An old chair and foot rest make a charming pair, but with new fabric, they’re also beautiful.

Worn Out Ottoman Goes Kid-Friendly

This worn leather ottoman gets bright blue fabric for the perfect playroom accent.