The 15 Most Brilliant Ideas People Came Up With In 2015

We've seen TONS of genius ideas this year, but these were the ones that really blew people's minds

By Hometalk Highlights

Laundry Basket Wreath Maker

Never struggle with winding the perfect wreath again with this bit of Dollar Store genius.

Dollar Store Gem Conversation Starters

Use glass marbles to strengthen your relationship with these tiny conversation stones.

High-End Curtains from Tablecloths

$5 Walmart tablecloths make for expensive looking window treatments - so glad we found out!

Fizzing Toilet Tablets

Toilets everywhere were cleaner for longer this year, thanks to these homemade cleaning tablets.

Concrete Pumpkins from Buckets

For fall, people flipped over this brilliant trick for concrete pumpkin from plastic buckets.

1 Hour Sofa Table

Maybe the quickest living room update, this hour sofa table is instantly stunning (and cheap!)

Bookshelf in a Door

There's more to a closet door then opening and closing - like showcasing, for example!

Rusty Can Lanterns

If you're not already saving your tin cans, this gorgeous lantern trick will convince you.

Paper Towel Tube Frames

The new, fun way to display pictures, and it's %100 recycled - it's great for the office or home.

Custom Bathroom Wall Storage

For those who hate cluttered countertops, this is invaluable. Get your bathroom oh-so clean!

Pull Out Pantry Cabinet

Pack a bit more storage into your kitchen with a hidden roll-out pantry for cans and spices.

Napkin Wrapped Bread Basket

It's unique, inexpensive, and it gives us something beautiful to do with stockpiled baskets.

Casserole Dish Lid Bird Feeder

If you have spare glass dish lids, pull them out of your cabinet and put them in your garden.

Saran Wrap Wood Finish Remover

Instead of fighting with wood stripper, this plastic wrap hack can do the job for you!

Old Umbrella Front Door Decor

Use an old painted umbrella to hold a bright spring bouquet and display it on your front door.