How to Use an Image Tranfer to Update an Old Chest

This old chest wasn't very fancy with it's layers of old paint. I knew those simple lines and real wood was just what I needed to turn this old abandoned chest into a rustic treasure.
I removed those layers of paint, and sanded down to the raw wood, ready for staining.
I made a stain wash with some vinegar and a pad of steel wool put in a jar a few weeks ago and brushed it over the raw wood.
I loved this picture of running horses and had it printed and cut to fit at my local office supply store.
I cut the image to fit each drawer and put a base coat of white on the drawer fronts. Applied Mod Podge Image Transfer to the front of the picture and carefully smoothed it down until all the air bubbles were out.
After it dried, I wet an old washcloth and laid it on the print for a few minutes. (you can also spray it with water) Once it was damp, I rubbed it in circles, removing the pulp from the back of the image.
This picture indicates about 3 times removing the paper. I think I did it 4-5 times before satisfied enough was off without removing the print too.
I used paints on the print to blend the seams and touch up areas print may have been removed.
since the print was black and white, I wanted a little more gray to the stain. I wiped on patches of gray stain to the body of the dresser, then added pickling stain. Glaze and top coat to finish.
Applied knobs
yes, paint all over me too. Every time.
I love how the that vinegar mixture makes the wood different colors!
She's all ready for her new home!

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  • Vickie Bott
    Vickie Bott
    on May 30, 2019

    What size was the original picture and where did you get it? This is awesome and I want to try it!

    • Pamela Field
      Pamela Field
      on May 31, 2019

      Thank you so much!

      I found it online searching under "free images". Saved it to my computer, then ordered it from Staples as an engineer print so I could chose the size I needed.

      good luck, it was a fun project!

  • Kim47830993
    on Aug 26, 2019

    Love this. You put the gray stain on the drawer fronts as well?


  • Margo Wolanczyk
    Margo Wolanczyk
    on Apr 28, 2020

    Hi is it a laser or ink print?

    • Tracee Pettee
      Tracee Pettee
      on Oct 24, 2020

      I'm not the artist of this gorgeous dresser but in my experience using a copy store like kinkos or staples would be printing with a laser printer! Inkjet printers are great for projects that aren't intended to get wet because the colors will run and bleed making the project look awful! I can't imagine that a print of this size for the dresser was inexpensive either. Likely $40.00 or more except for the fact it was black and white! I usually work with full color.

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