17 Little-Known Ways to Use Your Wasted Wall Space

You might want to clear some wall space when you see these!

By Hometalk Highlights

Nail suction cup hooks up for shoes

Make the bottom of your entryway or bedroom wall work with you to organize shoes.

Hang crates & boxes as extra shelf space

Put a vintage box or crate on your wall to fit slim storage into an empty spot.

Fill an empty kitchen wall with an organizer

Lean an old door or board against a free kitchen wall for a bright and useful utensil organizer.

Put up a silverware tray for jewelry

Add a silverware tray to your wall and use the small shelves to put jewelry away on display.

Fill the dead space behind doors with storage

Use ladders to fill the space behind doors with extra hanging storage space.

Build a minimalist jewelry box

If you want wall storage but you don't want added clutter, try this sleek & clean look.

Use a kitchen wall to store measuring cups

Hang measuring cups right up on your wall for convenient cooking storage.

Add DIY wire mesh baskets to an entryway wall

Make your own wire baskets using mesh fencing, and hang them wherever you need.

Add a wine fridge or shelf to an island wall

Utilize that wasted wall space under your kitchen bar or island to add a few wine-lover's upgrades.

Build in some in-wall display space

Wall upgrades are more than surface-deep. Burst through the walls with this built-in look.

Mount a knife rack near the counter

Make your own easy knife rack and keep next to the counter by mounting it on the wall.

Hang a thrift store rack for towels or fabric

Find a cheap rack from the thrift store and use it to hold fabric scraps, towels, or linens.

Put pipe clamps and mason jars everywhere

Hang up some inexpensive pipe clamps to hold storage-ready mason jars in every corner.

Put your pots in open wall space

Put bulky and hard to store pots on your wall instead of in our cabinets, to save space.

Build a minimalist nightstand

Just add a plank of wood to the wall with an easy shelf or even a lamp - voila!

String up an Instagram gallery

Fill empty wall space with an easy Instagram display using a few wires and binder clips.

Attach pallets to the garage wall for tools

Corral your garden tools before gardening season really sets in, with this instant pallet organizer.