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What if I told you there was a way to clean your stains out of your upholstery and clothing that was easy, free and natural? You would probably say I was lying, right? I'm not the kind of person to lie over stains. Trust me. Having three littles under six, two of which are very very messy and create stains for me on the daily, I decided to finally do some research.
I've probably done every stain fighting method out there on the market. I've used organic formulas, natural formulas. I've even bought different steam cleaners and most of the time I find I get some of the stain out, but you can still see it.
I find a lot of articles on the internet when you type in "Natural Stain Remover" come up with vinegar in your formula. Guys, please think about this. Vinegar sets a stain. When you dye a old ratty pair of jeans black or blue, what do you immediately do after this? Wash the jeans in vinegar to set it & keep the color in longer.
Here's a picture of my chairs that I cleaned. Keep in mind, these stains had been sitting on the chairs since Good Friday. Seeing as today is the following friday, they had been soaking into the chair for a good 7 days. Chocolate, Cheetos, Juice and Marker to be exact. Brinley had a hay day while I was working in the next room and somehow got into all of the above.
and the other chair
So many ugly stains.... I honestly was a bit worried that the stains wouldn't come out. I was also afraid to use any kind of formula on the chairs as I've had too many stains set in the past. So I decided to try the basic basic first: warm water & two 2 drops of dish soap. I told you this was going to be ultra-natural. But there's one thing you need. A steamer. This Bissell Little Green Machine goes on sale at Canadian Tire, Walmart, Target etc for 45.00 ALL the time. It's gotten me out of SO many messes in the past, but like I said before. It always left a slight residue/trace of stain.
Well, after scrubbing one chair for literally under 2 minutes, it become crystal clear. Clean, no trace of stain!
See, they look brand new! Here's the other
I couldn't believe how effective & easy it was to clean my chairs with warm water & a few drops of dish detergent. Why have I never tried this in the past? Why do we not believe in the power of water anymore? All of these cleaning solutions just set our stains and make us use more and more solution in hopes of trying to get the stains out, but if we just used water, it would save our planet, & wallets!
Check out the canister after I was done steaming. Gross hey?
Now go clean away & enjoy some good old soap and water! The most effective natural spot cleaner on the market!
Disclosure: Please note, I'm in no way affiliated with Bissell and they did not pay me to write this post.

Suggested materials:

  • Water
  • Soap

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Jessica-Sara Morris

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  • Gwyn
    on Apr 10, 2016

    Would the steamer work on leather?

    • Gale
      on Apr 11, 2016

      @Jessica-Sara Morris I believe "saddle soap" is the prescribed cleaner for MOST leathers but not all. And not on faux leather.

  • Sandy
    on Apr 28, 2016

    Is the little steamer only good for upholstery ? I'm looking for a cleaning solution to clean the aluminum stripping on my wooden stairs...I have tried a scrub brush but it doesn't seem to get close enough around the edge...

  • Maria Phelan
    on Nov 3, 2018

    How do I get rid of vomit stain and smell?

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  • Lisa Wilson-Kline
    on Apr 13, 2016

    If you have pets, this little green machine is a must. Instead of rubbing the stain and letting it sit, it sucks it up. Pet mishaps gone!

  • Joe29668554
    on Sep 5, 2017

    Is dish soap really "natural", thought it wasn't.
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