It's a woman's prerogative to get custom chair reupholstery done then decide she wants different chairs...right???

So, I was lucky to have Yamini skillfully and beautifully rebuild and recover my dining chairs only to decide that I would rather have abaca weave chairs instead. After living with my new chairs for a couple weeks, I now want to go with a different color scheme in my kitchen. If anyone's interested in 4 custom upholstered dining chairs at a fair price, let me know! (The picture may not show the colors correctly, but it's a paisley print with sage green, hints of yellow and some grey undertones. I hear the yellow and grey combo is all the rage now! Hmmm...)
q it s a woman s prerogative to get custom chair reupholstery done then decide she, painted furniture
q it s a woman s prerogative to get custom chair reupholstery done then decide she, painted furniture
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  • Nikki Nikki on Apr 17, 2012
    One more picture showing chair backs with chairs set up in dining room.
  • Susan S Susan S on Apr 17, 2012
    They're perfectly beautiful and look very elegant!! To each his own but these are wonderful with either table. Which one do they usually live with? Woven chairs are much more casual so would be ok w/the glass top table but these are a much better fit with the formal table. Just sayin . . . . .
  • Miriam Illions Miriam Illions on Apr 17, 2012
    They are beautiful! I hope you find them a nice new home :)
  • Amy Amy on Apr 17, 2012
    I love those chairs. They are amazing.
  • Nikki Nikki on Apr 17, 2012
    Thanks everyone. Susan, to answer your question, they live at the glass table. I'm thinking I want a little more casual look for the kitchen, so I'm considering abaca chairs. Thanks for cosigning on my thoughts!
  • Susan S Susan S on Apr 17, 2012
    Well, does that mean you're keeping them to use w/the formal table??? THAT kinda backfired cause I was really trying to talk you into keeping them!! LOL You kind of indicated you would like to sell them so I thought if you used them in dining rm instead . . . . .
  • Nikki Nikki on Apr 17, 2012
    LOL @ Susan! No, I have a "chocolate and cream" theme going in my dining room that I just love. Chocolate walls and off white slipcovered chairs with off white table decor. If I don't get a buyer I will most likely keep them for when I'm ready for a new look in the dining room.
  • Susan S Susan S on Apr 17, 2012
    Nikki - I just GOTTA ask you - why on earth did you choose that particular fabric pattern & color then?? The channeling Yamini did on the front side of the chair back is a really high-end detail - I just hate to see you give them up because they really are supurbly done. You'd think I had some personal stake in this wouldn't you?? Wish I could use them I'd give it some serious thought! No I can't use them but best wishes w/what ever decision you make! A pic of the choc. walls would be wonderful if you wanted to share??
  • Nikki Nikki on Apr 17, 2012
    Susan, if you knew me you would understand immediately! I'm constantly thinking of new and different things to do. I do love the chairs and am blown away by what Yamini did with them. I just have a different idea for the direction of the room right now, so rather than storing the chairs away until I'm ready to use them later, I figured I would see if someone might be interested in having them center stage in their house right now. But now you have me rethinking that plan! You're good!
  • Susan S Susan S on Apr 17, 2012
    Nikki - I THINK I'm beginning to get the picture!! I do understand completely though. Sometimes we head down one direction and then comes a fork in the road . . . . . B-T-W, did you EVER find how to turn that jacuzzi on?? I knew there was something familiar - just took me a while to make the connection!!
  • Catherine G Catherine G on Apr 18, 2012
    What is your asking price? (Like I don't have enough chairs already, but still).
  • ChairCycle ChairCycle on Apr 18, 2012
    I thought these chairs looked familiar! Nice to see them in Nikki's home and I think they look cool too! Whoever is planning on getting these are getting a good deal, they've been fixed so good they sure have some more good years until they are ready to be re-upholstered again, Lol!
  • Amy Amy on Jul 20, 2014
  • Carol Carol on Mar 16, 2015
    What does your dinning room chairs look like. Is it possible to use two of these chairs there either at the head and foot of the table or on either side if a buffer. The other two chairs could be used in a guest room and maybe a cosy desk in in a bedroom nook or by a vanityor in a walk in closet by the shor rack. They really are beautiful.
  • Mary  Law Mary Law on Jun 16, 2015
    I would love to have them! Mary Law: 706-968-9676
  • Genie Brouillette Genie Brouillette on Jun 10, 2016
    Have you sold them yet? If not how much are you asking?? Madison, AL