What is this shrub?

We call it a Rose of Sharon down here in the south, but others are calling it a hibiscus? I know they are in the same family, but how do we know the difference?
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  • Cel7221877 Cel7221877 on Jun 21, 2016
    This is a hibiscus. The Rose of Sharon is also called an althea and grows into a large shrub--almost like a small tree.
  • Judy Judy on Jun 21, 2016
    Exactly right Celmore...in Canada we have them as house plants. They will freeze if we leave them outside in the winter. They are beautiful. The Rose of Sharon is a bush...mine are about 7 ft tall and do survive cold Canadian winters. I live in southern Ontario Canada
  • Diana Diana on Jun 21, 2016
    In Western BC (Canada), particularly on the west coast of the mainland and the east coast of Vancouver Island, they grow outside in the garden year round and some can get pretty big - up to 15ft. tall!
  • Susan Beecher Susan Beecher on Jun 21, 2016
    The shrub commonly called "Rose of Sharon" here in the U.S. anyway has the Latin name of Hibiscus syriacus. There are other Hibiscus family plants that are also grown as ornamental plants.
  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Jun 21, 2016
    It is a perennial Hibiscus
  • Loriann Loriann on Jun 21, 2016
    You can tell the difference by the leaves. Rose of Sharon has a leaf with many lobed serrations.
  • This looks like a Hibiscus not a Rose of Sharon- Does it die down each year and then re-emerge? Rose of Sharon is a deciduous shrub. Yes Hibiscus and Rose of Sharon are related.
  • Deltamom Deltamom on Jun 21, 2016
    Also know as an Althea, relative of the hibiscus. Rose of sharon is a common name. Single petal or double flowers.
  • B Juliana Leo B Juliana Leo on Jun 22, 2016
    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rose_of_Sharon It's on the Internet - easy to find.
  • Judith Watson Judith Watson on Jun 22, 2016
    It is a Hibiscus. I have been a gardener and floral designer for over 55 years.
  • Judith Watson Judith Watson on Jun 22, 2016
    Another way to tell the difference....the leaves on the Rose of Sharon have a lot of notches. The true Hibiscus has a smooth edged leaf like the plant above. Usually the Rose of Sharon bloom is a bit smaller than a Hibiscus, but this can vary, depending on the climate you live in. Yes, they are related, but still different.
  • Ginger Ford Emery Ginger Ford Emery on Jun 22, 2016
    This is a hibiscus, and it looks like the variety named disco belle which I have in my garden. It dies back in winter.
  • Chris Chris on Jun 22, 2016
    It's a Hibicus. It's more of a tropical bush. Where Rose of Sharon's blooms are grown tighter and smaller size.