How 15 Creative People Fill Their Empty Walls

You'll definitely want to decorate your walls once you see this!

By Hometalk Highlights

Design a cool frame around a mirror

Bonus: the mirror will make your room look even bigger!

Infuse color with hanging flower vases

Attach them to a board to create a rustic look.

Transform your wall into stone

The raised texture will add depth to any room.

Hang cork trivets on your wall

Not only do they add design, but they also make a great cork board.

Add design and style with Spanish tiles

Bring the Mediterranean look to your home with these DIY tiles.

Frame a Gift Bag

A quick and easy way to add color and design on a budget.

Layer colored slabs of wood

You're guests will love the warm colors and welcoming tones.

Hang a blown-up page of your favorite book

You’ll both decorate your wall and give your guests something to read.

Create photo collage letters

A great way to personalize any kid's room.

Craft floating shelves

A perfect way to add design and purpose to your wall

Build your own geometric pattern

Put the room’s focus on the wall with this design

Frame a Clock Gallery

Show off the time and your style.

Mount Instagram photos on your wall

An easy, simple, and colorful way to show off your favorite photos.

Hang plates to create wall art

Choose different patterns that accentuate your style.

Hang a homemade quilt

It’s the perfect place to display your handiwork.