Plain Walls Are Transformed in to Stone Walls With Joint Compound

Creating the appearance of real stone walls is easy with a plaster stone stencil and common, pre-mixed joint compound. Sue Thompson (one of our favorite customers) shows us.
Here Sue begins her stone transformation by taping the stencil to the wall, smearing it with joint compound, removing the stencil then letting it dry. Repeating the stencil is simple.
How do you handle corners? Easy! Simply flip the stencil to line up the same stones you ended with on the adjacent wall.
Finishing is simply a matter of wiping a tinted glaze over the top of the raised stones to give them more depth and color. Translucent and tinted glazes also seal the stones (or any raised plaster stencil design).

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  • Sharon Corman Sharon Corman on Aug 24, 2019

    Could u use a sponge to stamp fax stone or brick ?

  • Kathy Kathy on Dec 10, 2019

    This is inspiring me. We bought a small fake fireplace and put it in a has no mantle or anything around it. We dont want to do anything permanent so thinking of doing this on cardboard. Any ideas how this would work out?

  • Dra51360415 Dra51360415 on May 31, 2021


    we are about to purchase our first home and i have big dreams for it. One dream is transform this dated 70s house into a cozy European farmhouse. So stone walls are high on my list. I was going to fully commit to real stone but the weight of the stone worries me.

    Im a do it yourself kind of girl so immediately thought there could be away to still achieve the look of stone without the real deal.

    im doing my best to research the pros and cons to different materials. Joint compound is what i keep going back too but I’ve read a little bit of negativity on it cracking if you get it too thick. Any advice on this concern?


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  • Lisa Lisa on Sep 11, 2019

    That looks amazing! Makes a plain wall look so high end!

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    • Lillian Molzahn Lillian Molzahn on Oct 15, 2019

      Thank you Lisa, after using the stencil a couple of times I freehanded the rest of the walls.. It has held up very well for over ten years. I didn't mix the color into the joint compound, but used the paints from walmart craft department that are water based. Blended the paint and smoothed the rough edges of the joint compound with and old wet/damp wash cloth. Victoria's stencils are very well made and she has such a variety. Definitely reccomend them.

  • Patricia Patricia on Apr 01, 2021

    Love this!! I'm going to start with a backsplash!!