Need ideas for plastic hangers

I have over 100 plastic hangers (I recently changed all my closet hangers to velvet) and before I toss those plastic hangers I wanted to see if anyone had any ideas for a craft project with them. I could cut them up, paint them or something....I'm thinking the simpler the better. Outdoor and indoor ideas both welcome. Happy Crafting!
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    • Amy Anson Amy Anson on Aug 06, 2016
      Thanks Janet but I've already looked at those. I was hoping for something new. Thanks for the ideas though.
  • Kauai Breeze Kauai Breeze on Aug 06, 2016
    Donate them to Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc. Anyplace that sells used clothing would appreciate them and you can take a tax deduction for them!
  • NanJWeeks NanJWeeks on Aug 06, 2016
    I take them back to my dry clearers.
  • Deb Deb on Aug 06, 2016
    Using 12-15, ziptie them together at the top with hanging hook facing to the inside. Then spread them around to form a Christmas tree shape. Once you have that done, wind trim you use for a Xmas tree, taking around each hanger periodically to cover the plastic and to maintain the tree shape. Once you've finished that you can add small ball ornaments or little cluster of flowers for decoration. You may need to use hot glue at first to get the trim going and drape a little.
    • Deb Deb on Aug 06, 2016
      I found some YouTube videos using wire that you can check out. They didn't use but 6 hangers but show the steps better than I could explain
  • JEWEL C JEWEL C on Aug 06, 2016
    Put them in the recycle bin.