Asked on Aug 13, 2013

Do colors have to coordinate for bedroom and bathroom?

LaurieSandra Bonner CochranKate


I recently got overzealous and bought a shower curtain, towels and rug for my bathroom in a totally different color than I planned on doing in the actual bedroom. Does it matter that the bathroom and bedroom colors don't match. I want to do the bedroom coral and gray and the shower curtain pictured is the bathroom colors.
gray, aqua, turquoise
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  • Marieanne D
    on Aug 13, 2013

    I don't think so. If the colors make you happy, I think that's all that matters.

  • Ellen Manuszak
    on Aug 13, 2013

    Looks like you could carry the grey through from bedroom to bathroom.

  • Gloria Duy
    on Aug 13, 2013

    This is America! I don't think the decorating police will arrive! You are using gray in both rooms so it will tie it together. I painted my bedroom gray and my bathroom pale aqua. I just added aqua pillows to my bed and a basket of gray towels to my bathroom. I them used some black in both rooms. Just find some things to tie them together.

  • Tamela Bowie Interiors
    on Aug 13, 2013

    I believe that your home should be a reflection of how you live and who you are. If you like it, I say, decorate with it. Just pull one of the colors out of the space into the other connecting space.

  • Wanda sinnema
    on Aug 13, 2013

    You want a bit of continuity to add flow, one color usually is enough.... there should be balance,meaning I wouldn't mix bold vivid colors in the bath and soft very pastels in the bedroom. find a soft coral that balances the intensity with the softness of the bathroom colors. I would use the same grey in both rooms ,,,,I love the shower curtain....

    • Larose LoganOakes
      on Aug 13, 2013

      @Wanda sinnema Yeah like Wanda said! That's what I meant to say only she said it ten times better. Thanks Wanda! Sometimes the right words elude me.

  • Joan Gondeck
    on Aug 14, 2013

    I would add a touch of that same color to the bedroom. You could always add a throw across the bed in that same color or even a decorative pillow or two.

  • Z
    on Aug 14, 2013

    Since your new bathroom decor is mostly gray and you plan on some gray in your bedroom I think it'll look just fine. With the various shades of gray in the shower curtain there's a good chance you can match one of the those grays to go with the coral in your bedroom. Please come back and share pictures of the rooms when they are completed.

  • Crystal @My Blissful Space
    on Aug 15, 2013

    I think if you have some consistency it doesn't have to be all matchy matchy. You're already using grey in both rooms so I think you're good!

  • Lisa C
    on Aug 15, 2013

    I agree with everyone and grey is a neutral so you can add touches of color and even change them seasonally if you get zealous again! Maybe next time towels are a good price get some coral and add a picture, vase, accent piece to pull it together. my 2 cents :)

  • Cyndi Moore Tippett
    on Aug 15, 2013

    Go for what you like...I painted my bedroom medium chocolate brown (including the ceiling) and my bathroom is a pale auqua green. I picked up the different colors out of the window treatment fabric because I wanted a different feel in each room. It will be georgeous because it is your taste.

  • Tegma
    on Aug 15, 2013

    Since there's a lot of grey in the bathroom, I think it will be just fine. I'd add some coral color somewhere tho'... perhaps in some flowers on the counter, or in some candles, wall pictures etc. I think that would make it all coordinate just fine!

  • Terri Johnson
    on Aug 16, 2013

    If the bathroom is not open to the bedroom it would be fine to choose a different color scheme. Blending is good but not a rule anymore. New Rules, do what feels good for you.

  • Roberta Alessi
    on Aug 16, 2013

    I agree with Marieanne -- whatever makes you happy and tho I love things to "match" that's just me....enjoy the bathroom colors and I'm sure whatever you pick in the bedroom will coordinate.

  • Gwen
    on Aug 16, 2013

    i love your bathroom choices! Sometimes we want a new look. Redoing a bathroom can be less expensive and less of a committment. Back in the olden days, people didn't match the two rooms. They were considered two separate rooms. My older sister would get a new shower curtain and towels to feel like she'd brightened her whole home!! I did that a couple years ago when I had little money, but Khols had a huge sale and I spent only $16 on many towels and added the shower curtain and their coupon, I spent twenty dollars for my new look! It felt good and I liked it. That you chose such beautiful bathroom towels and curtain, I know you'll go in there and feel uplifted!!!

  • Patricia Miller-Darrow
    on Aug 16, 2013

    You know what? If it doesn't match and you are fine with that, it's called ECLECTIC! ;)

  • Teri Tripp-Lanciault
    on Aug 16, 2013

    The beauty of being an adult...your life, your rules! As long as you like it, it should be fine! And I imagine there is a door between the two rooms so don't worry about clashing!

  • Kristy Stout Good
    on Aug 2, 2015

    These look like fairly neutral colors s I think coral would look fine in the bedroom. You could go with gray walls and coral bedspread and draperies

  • Gladys
    on Sep 20, 2015

    The Main Rule is: There are No rules! Looks like the bath is gray anyway...? You could use coral accessories if you want them to complement each other.

  • ..The colors you show are pretty, they are neutral, and I think if you actually wish to ' tie the rooms together. ' you can certainly do so, as these colors dont seem to far off of what you stated for your bedroom. Tie the colors in the bathroom area , by using A SMALL amount of the coral color that you're using in your bedroom, such as in accessories, like wall photos, a pretty candle, etc. The rooms will feel ' connected' but dont have to be ' matchy -matchy ". :)

  • Laurie Harry
    on Apr 19, 2016

    Coral and grey should look beautiful together. Pops of coral in the bathroom will tie it in nicely. Just go with what you love.

  • Diana Deiley
    on May 14, 2016

    I'm with Gladys. There are no rules. Sometimes matchy matchy is boring. It's your home. Whatever is pleasing to your eye will be perfect. You can bring in one color into each room to make things flow if that helps. Have fun.

  • Tamela Bowie Interiors
    on May 16, 2016

    It is okay to use a different color in an adjoining room as long you bring at least one of the colors from one room into the other room. In your case, it looks like your shower curtain and bath towels are gray in color, so it will flow with your bedroom color palette...coral and gray.

  • Shojdik
    on Sep 12, 2016

    If it is a masterbathroom, I'd tend to keep them similar in theme

  • Kate
    on Sep 29, 2016

    Your house, your rules. :)

  • Sandra Bonner Cochran
    on May 1, 2018

    Should your bath rugs and shower curtain be the same color
  • Laurie
    on Nov 17, 2018

    It's so funny that I'm reading this cuz I have the same dilemma!! My bedroom furniture is a dark brown, my bedspread is white and gray as well as the pillows on my bed are metallic .... and white gray my bathroom has white and coral towels, my everydAy towels have mineral White and coral they do not match my bedroom white and gray coverlet but the colors complement one another they do match but I like every room to have its own character as well as every person..having their own personality

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