I found this in the bottom of a box I got at a garage sale-what is it?

q i found this in the bottom of a box i got at a garage sale what is it
q i found this in the bottom of a box i got at a garage sale what is it
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  • Jawene Jawene on Mar 27, 2017
    It is a pair of fold up scissors!
  • Leonard Garamella Leonard Garamella on Mar 27, 2017
    a pair of scissors
  • Cheryl Cheryl on Mar 27, 2017
    Fold up scissors. Pull all the way out and bring the ends together. Might need a wd-40 spray if stuck.
  • Cte20797805 Cte20797805 on Mar 27, 2017
    Try pushing them in. It will be a pair of scissors
  • Gwen Grant-Houck Gwen Grant-Houck on Mar 28, 2017
    a pair of fold up scissors, i have a pair just like those that were made by fiscars
  • Peggy Peggy on Mar 28, 2017
    Thanks !
  • Ed Kasdorf Ed Kasdorf on Mar 29, 2017
  • Susan Bechamp Susan Bechamp on Mar 29, 2017
    I still have my grandmothers little folding scissors. I keep them in my sewing kit since they are useful as thread snipers. Great for embroidery, quilting and crocheting projects as well. The blades aren't very long , less than two inches of cutting surface.
  • Peggy Peggy on Mar 29, 2017
    Thank you
  • Hpa10772926 Hpa10772926 on Mar 29, 2017
    Looks like scissors
  • Peggy Peggy on Mar 29, 2017
    Thank you
  • Wel15415618 Wel15415618 on Mar 29, 2017
    Yes a pair of fold up scissors I still have mine
  • Shui Shui on Mar 30, 2017
    looks like handcuffs to me
  • Miri Stoner---- Miri Stoner---- on Mar 30, 2017
  • Sheila Sheila on Mar 30, 2017
    It looks like a pair of scissors. You should be able to pull each end then bring ends together to expose the blades.
  • Win2997052 Win2997052 on Mar 30, 2017
    Yep, folding scissors.
  • Epperson Carrie Epperson Carrie on Mar 30, 2017
    Mustache scissors or I've also heard them called nursing scissors because of the way they fold they're safe to put in you pocket.
  • Jane Briggs Jane Briggs on Mar 31, 2017
  • B.I.Green B.I.Green on Mar 31, 2017
    Lucky you, you found something useful. All I found was a 14K-gold pineapple charm!
  • Stacey Greenwood Stacey Greenwood on Mar 31, 2017
    Fold up seeing or medical scissors
  • Roberta Younger Roberta Younger on Apr 01, 2017
    Roll Up Scissors
  • Ret17658197 Ret17658197 on Apr 01, 2017
    Oh my goodness! Fold up scissors. I had a pair and had to give them up when I went to jury duty ( I forgot I had them in my make up case ) I adored them, and haven't been able to find any since. Lucky you!
  • Ret17658197 Ret17658197 on Apr 01, 2017
    FYI, just pull the "rings" and they should fold out.
  • C C on Apr 02, 2017
    Yeppers! That's a pair of folding scissors! I have several pair I've bought at WalMart for about $1 over the years . I keep a pair in my purse along with a measuring tape. You can still find these functional scissors at WalMart, Dollar Tree, or as you discovered, as a bonus bargain at a garage sale! WTG!
  • Hi Shug Hi Shug on Apr 05, 2017
    Scissors, pull apart and fold. Can carry along without sharp edges for needlework projects.

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