Transform Chair To A Furry Stool

Use a saw to hack off the backrest and use a staple gun to secure the fur. Get tutorial here

Recycle A Filing Cabinet To Organize Your Gar

Remove the cabinets, drill in peg boards, and hang tools inside. Get tutorial here

Change Your Dresser Into A Kitchen Island

Use a palm sander to remove scratches and apply Polycrylic to surface. Get tutorial here

Repurpose A Cart To A Bar Station

Prime with Rustoleum, remove the wheels, and use Liquid Nails to adhere cork on top. Get tutorial here

Transform Your Bookshelf To A Bar

Spray paint metallic sheets, drill wood to the top, and attach copper pipe. Get tutorial here

Make A Ladder Into A Shelf

Drill in brackets and cover in hardware cloth. Get tutorial here

Make Art With Table Legs

Remove the legs from a small table and nail to the fence after painting. Get tutorial here

Re Envision A Chair Into A Planter

Coat chair in chicken wire, staple down, and insert plants. Get tutorial here