What are some creative ways to make shade outside?

Our yard gets afternoon sun so there is no relief. Would love some creative ways to make shade.
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  • C. D. Scallan C. D. Scallan on May 24, 2017
    Do you have a patio cover or anything at all to work with ? If you do, you can hang bamboo blinds to block the sun in the afternoon .
  • Lisadoll Lisadoll on May 24, 2017
    Oh my gosh, I feel your pain!
    I've tried everything! lol! I think I've got a creative idea for you.
    Last xmas I made " light arches" with pvc pipe and rebar, that arched over the sidewalk.
    SO FUN! And cheap and easy( there's a joke in there somewhere!)
    Recently, I saw a pin where someone had done EXACTLY the same thing, adapting it for a shade shelter. Basically, you need 4 pieces rebar, 2 pVD pipes ( or 4, and 2 couplers).
    So you hammer rebar into the ground . Slip on the pvc .. doing the same at the other side with the other end, easily bending the pvc into an arch. Twice. So one arch is in front of the other.
    This lady slipped tab top curtains over the pipes first ( using the hem on the other side) making a shade shelter! You can slide the curtains to follow the sun!
    makeit as fancy as you like.. I can see this with the pvc painted copper, wrapped w tiny led xmas lights, and some sorta sheer curtains. ( if you're having trouble visualizing, it's basically a tunnel)
    google it for better instructions . LOL!

  • Dixie Dixie on May 24, 2017
    I have an umbrella. I hang some plants on it to keep it from flying away.
  • Sherry Sherry on May 24, 2017
    You can buy online or at Lowes some shade fabric and hang it where it breaks the strongest sun. I've seen "sails" of this material used to shade cafe patios. Or, you could create a "living wall" where you plant trailing plants (like on the balcony above, or construct a wooden arbor type thingy); you'll need to provide regular water (soaker hose, etc..) but this could be really beautiful. Look on pinterest for ideas.
  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on May 24, 2017
  • 4554290 4554290 on May 24, 2017
    Hi Tammy, I have been wanting to make a shade structure for the cottage. We are going to cement 3 cedar logs into the ground in a triangular shape. We are going to use large eye hooks to attach an old sail and voilà instant shade!

  • Tammy Berbells Tammy Berbells on May 24, 2017
    Great ideas!!! I am hoping to get some creative this weekend.