Lighing for laundry room, low ceiling

We have to put three fixtures in the laundry/utility area of our new home. I was going to put in some fluorescent ballasts, but husband says he wants something nicer. Any suggestions?
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  • Z Z on Jan 16, 2014
    Good for your husband. Fluorescent lights always bother my eyes and in a laundry room it would be best to have daylight bulbs for better seeing any stains you need to pre-treat. I'd recommend LED full spectrum light bulbs in whatever lighting you chose. How big will your laundry room be?
  • I would think about putting in recessed lighting if you have height restrictions. There is also nice track lighting now. Fluorescent lighting does not last and it is not a nice light to work in as Becky points out. there are also some nice ceiling lights now at Lowe's and Home Depot that will be both functional and decorative.
  • Colleen Colleen on Jan 18, 2014
    I would agree with your husband. Fluorescent lighting can be irritating. Maybe glam up the laundry room with a chandleier. I too would reccomend LED lighting, a bit more expensive but worth it.
  • Jeannie Andrews Jeannie Andrews on Jan 18, 2014
    I bought a small chandelier for my laundry room. I haven't installed it yet, and it isn't really for "light" so much as it is for pointing out how much I love my laundry room. Yep, I'm one of the rare folks who love to do laundry. Go Figure. My choice will be LED's too.
  • Celeste K Celeste K on Jan 21, 2014
    I don't think we put recessed lights in that room, so I will need to go another route. I like the idea of track lighting just because I can get a lot of light. I don't know much about track lighting though and wonder what one needs to buy to put together a track light?
    • @Celeste K Many track lights are just like regular so if you can change a standard light fixture you can put up a track light. Check out Home Depot (or any homestore) to see what they have. Many are in the boxes with minimal assembly.Good luck!
  • Celeste K Celeste K on Jan 21, 2014
    OK. track lights it is. THanks!
    • @Celeste K Oh and a word of caution for picking out lights! See how much replacement bulbs are too! There are so many special bulbs now which are around $10 each or more. I have many lights which take special bulbs and until I checked Ebay I was paying way too much.
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