What to do with a shed to make it a she shed with flower garden?

I have a shed in my yard that I would love to turn into a she shed with just things around the house,and also have some beautiful flower gardens around it. Any tips or advice on how to get it started and just use recycled items?
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  • Cynthia H Cynthia H on Jun 09, 2017
    I find lovely examples on home talk and pinterest. Light, comfort and pretty colors seem to be the constant themes. Do you have a favorite comfy chair? Pretty lace curtains you aren't using? A pretty quilt? Paint is a simple inexpensive way to change into a small cottage. Make it yours!

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    • Cynthia H Cynthia H on Jun 10, 2017
      Maybe drywall on the walls and planks on the ceiling? The daybed sounds fantastic!

  • Peggy Jones Janisch Peggy Jones Janisch on Jun 09, 2017
    I would not use drywall it might get wet ..especially on the bottom..wood us great or say wood on the bottom and metal siding or any kind of reclaimed metal you can paint your favorite color...look around maybe make the back wall different ..you go girl

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    • Peggy Jones Janisch Peggy Jones Janisch on Jun 10, 2017
      ,measure what you need because sometimes you can get odd piece at a lower cost even if you get enough for say the bottom half ..with wood trim you could use wood on the top ..you might be able to use it as a magnet board to change out inspiration decorations at will

  • Eroque022810 Eroque022810 on Jun 09, 2017
    Make sure you insulate. Then you can sneak out there in the fall with a space heater that looks like an old one QVC has had them my sister owns 3. They come in various colors. And a thick blanket a cup of hot chocolate and a good book. As for planting since your in Illinois, my home too, I would plant an evergreen a short one that you can trim to keep it small but have something for the fall and winter. Plus it will smell nice. On other side I would buy one of those red burning bushes because once again stems stay red during winter and will look nice. Keep it pruned shorter than evergreen. This fall plant spring bulbs in little clusters so that you can plant in between them since you can't cut foliage once flower dies. Now does this get sun or shade so you know what you can plant that will grow well. Buy perinials so you only spend money once and no shed is complete without day lilies and snap dragon's and cone flowers so I hope you get sun. You can make a trellis with fishing string and plant clematis along the sides. Oh how fun and jealous I am I wanted one and we have a large shed. I had a loft put in because it's tall and that way we could use top space for storage. Well I can't add another entrance and I can't add a roof overhang. I just wanted it to look like a cottage and I needed shade. So that ended my dream. You enjoy yours for as long as you can and in Illinois insulate. Then put up those boards and just give them a nice creamy wash so it looks like it's been there for a long time. Since its the start of our season look for deals on plants. In another month we go into shopping for winter items. That's crazy but you know it's true. Hey ask neighbors they may need to divide some plants and need to give them away. On the shady side plant hostas and ferns. It should look inviting from all sides. AstiblI know it's spelled incorrectly, are very pretty as well for the shade. But start from back of the front door then layer up as you move forward so that the height'so of plants can be enjoyed and pick up some great ideas from pins. You can go to my site she she'd. I have many pinned there.

  • C. D. Scallan C. D. Scallan on Jun 09, 2017
    I'd look on Craigslist for a wood burning stove, great source of heat and put the kettle on for a cuppa. Also people are always trying to get rid of stuff cheap when remodeling so I'd put in a ceiling fan for the summer months . I'm a little bit jealous . I want one too!