What do I need to know about Installing new electric outlets?

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  • Peg Peg on Jul 15, 2017
    What is your question Luke?
  • Kathy Bitzan Kathy Bitzan on Jul 15, 2017
    Is this a question or do you want to know if you can. If so yes you can. they have some nice ones now that will have an area for plugging in cell phones. Sometimes they just get used so much the plugs no longer stay in. Trip to hardware store should solve the problem. It is electricity so make sure you turn off the power.
  • Dfm Dfm on Jul 15, 2017
    have a certified electrician install them. Lots of state county codes to meet.
  • Linda Sikut Linda Sikut on Jul 15, 2017
    If you mean you want to add more outlets, it's best to call an electrician. Many areas have laws regarding instillation of electric outlets and you need to know if you electrical box can handle more. A licensed electrician will know all the local codes.

    Good luck!
  • Eroque022810 Eroque022810 on Jul 15, 2017
    If just replacing an old one or painted one there is a new outlet cover on the market both home Depot and Menard carry them the require a screw driver. It's like replace ING any cover but it has openings for outlets so unless hands are unsteady you can turn electricity off or not. I would always suggest to turn it off it is the proper way to work on anything electrical. But these covers are great. I have changed out almost every cover our home. They do cost a little more but saves on have outlet replaced due to wrong color such as almond when you want white. Or just to cover painted over outlets.
  • Taylor.kimberly001 Taylor.kimberly001 on Jul 16, 2017
    Hello. A few things that I suggest would help in replacing anything electrical.
    1st Make sure that you are comfortable around electric. VERY IMPORTANT
    2nd. Have a tester for outlets and/or electricial tester. VERY IMPORTANT
    3rd. Make sure that your replace the outlet with the same type.
    Example: If the outlet is a GFCI outlet replace it with a new GFCI outlet.
    4th If the outlet is a speciality outlet like stove and/or dryer outlet replace with one as such.
    5th. Turn the breaker for that outlet "OFF". Each breaker is labeled. Outlets may or may not be labeled. Check the label inside the breaker box.
    Example: It may say bedroom #1- Turn the breaker to off and go to check if that breaker controls that outlet.
    After that you should be a pro shorthly. Have a good one. I hope this helps.
  • Linda Linda on Jul 16, 2017
    The most important step is to be certain the power is turned off to that outlet, even if you have to shut off the main breaker!! Then make sure to see how the old outlet is wired and wire the new one the same way.