Uses for empty medicine bottles?

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  • DesertRose DesertRose on Sep 06, 2017
    We asked a friend and her church sends empty medicine bottles to missionaries working in foreign countries for medical personnel to distribute medicines. Remove the labels. We saved all our over the counter bottles large and small because they distribute different amounts to different people they help.
  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Sep 06, 2017
    The best thing I found is to use them to store small craft and sewing items, tacks, pins, needles. I have even used them to store rings and earrings if you have a small jewelry box, or go on a trip to keep them all contained and easy to get to. I have stored seeds that I saved after they were dry. There are so many things you can use them for, limitless, if you have many sizes. The larger ones are good for on the go snacks like cheerios, mini or regular m&m's, etc. for the toddlers that just have to have plenty of snacks when you are out and about.
  • M. M.. M. M.. on Sep 06, 2017
    Just remember, don't wash out your pill containers in the sink or dishwashers. This adds Rx's to common drinking water which the utility companies neither cannot test for nor filter out!Wipe out any medicine residue with a damp paper towel and throw towel away in trash. Every municipal water source in the US has high levels of every common drug out there,including hormones from birth control, pain medicine, etc. Don't flush unused medicine either for this reason. Your pharmacy or local police station usually take and safely dispose of unused Rx's if you take off the label.
  • Donna Benter-Oleson Donna Benter-Oleson on Sep 06, 2017
    Mini sewing, farmer match, and first aid kits. Sewing kit would need needle, thread, safety pins, etc. For match's glue striker inside cap. First aid , take a straw seal the end after cutting into small sections fill with ointment then seal that end, band-aids, etc. Great for your car, camping or just the day out.
  • 13526476 13526476 on Sep 06, 2017
    Medical missionaries, Doctor Without Border groups, veterinarian offices, ASPCA, scout troops, church groups, seed gatherers, craft clubs.
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