Asked on Oct 16, 2017

What is a natural way to prevent spiders from comming into the house

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  • Sharon
    on Oct 16, 2017

    When I moved into this old house was spider infested. I got out the caulk gun and filled every crack and crevice I could find, did around all the windows, baseboards, crown moulding, door trims. I am happy to say I only get a couple every year.
  • Cindy
    on Oct 16, 2017

    Hi Pam, You could make a solution to keep spiders out of your house. You make it by combining 1 cup of apple cider vinegar, one teaspoon of oil, one cup of black pepper and a teaspoon of liquid soap. Put this solution in a spray bottle and spray it anywhere that the spiders have access into your home. Repeat once a week.
  • Suellen Hintz
    on Oct 16, 2017

    Spray an insecticide outdoors at least twice a year. Fewer spiders outside means fewer indoors. If they continue inside, use a bomb.
  • Car3373179
    on Oct 16, 2017

    Get monkey balls and place around the perimeter of your home and in your basement if you have one. Keep spiders swept away from doors, windows,etc.
  • Ellen Bennington-Brenckle
    on Oct 16, 2017

    Dilute peppermint oil with water, spray around door frames windows and wherever you think they would get in,Also, they have an Osage Orange Tree that puts out large green spiked balls,we gather them and put them around your cellar or garage and in corners of the house, keeps spiders away.
  • Patty Sapiano Simon
    on Oct 16, 2017

  • Jeanne
    on Oct 16, 2017

    Walnut oil is supposed to keep spiders out.
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