My seedlings come up tall and weak and die

Please help me thank you

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  • What kind of trees are you trying to grow?
  • Dfm Dfm on Feb 02, 2018
    the light needs to be closer stronger. Are you using a full spectrum light bulb daylight the package should say, or grow bulb That’s made for plants? If you are using a tube light fluorescent one cool color bulb and one warm colored bulb will equal the daylight spectrum. Then get the light about 4 inches or so above the plants, and adjust as the plants grow. i also set a fan on low and let the wind hit them. It makes the stems stronger. When the weather warms a bit they will need to adjust to the outside. Google your average last frost for zip code ..........fill the zip in. That’s when to boot them out To the garden. A light frost may hit, but the weatherman will warn us.and then you take a sheet and cover them. Ever wonder why the planeted
    spot is called a bed?

    • Lorraine Lorraine on Feb 03, 2018
      Thank you so much......................I guess at age 84........seems to be quite involved. I just wanted to do it in a sunny window of my house......Can this be done??????
  • Dfm Dfm on Feb 03, 2018
    Yes , it can be done. However, you will need to turn the the plants so they grow strieght. keep them watered.
  • Dfm Dfm on Feb 03, 2018
    Rotate your plants by a quarter turn daily if you have them in a will keep them from leaning into the window, if they get to tall, you may need to prune them back.
    • Lorraine Lorraine on Feb 03, 2018
      will try ................................I don't believe I can prune them until they have 2 sets of leaves right? and.........they wilt before that. It is zinnias that I would like to start earlier.........Could it be the starter medium, I was using????????????????  thank you
  • Dfm Dfm on Feb 03, 2018
    yes if you have just a few houseplants a window sill will work, however you will need to turn them daily or they will begin to look lop sided.
  • Dfm Dfm on Feb 03, 2018
    it may be the starter potting mix....most seedling mixes don't have fertilizer in the mix. some will start the seeds in a peat mix with a bit of top soil...not from your yard, but purchased - and sterile. most areas can start the zinna in the ground after the last frost. do you have the mini zinnia or the larger ones that get 4 ft tall?
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