Suggestions to save my camellias?

I need help w my camellia bush! HELP!
q please give suggestions to save my camellias
q please give suggestions to save my camellias
Please help w suggestions!
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Mar 08, 2018
    It appears you have a extreme fungus situation.Use a systemic fungicide and see if that helps.Do not do anything else until it recuperates.Have you had varying temperatures a lot of moisture????
  • Karla Karla on Mar 08, 2018
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    • GG GG on Mar 10, 2018
      Actually if one chooses to take a sick plant to a local garden store, be sure to enclose the sample it in a ziplock bag. If the plant in question should have bugs or any disease that is contagious, it could contaminate the healthy plants at the garden store. They will appreciate you for your extra effort.
  • Ell28994781 Ell28994781 on Mar 09, 2018
    Call your local camellia society and their expertise will amaze you! Also don't forget to clean your tools before working on them and clean again with alcohol before using on other plants.
  • Nivasi Frankly-Speaks Nivasi Frankly-Speaks on Mar 09, 2018
  • Mimi Mimi on Mar 09, 2018
    This is camellia blight. Pull every affected leave off the plant, put them in a garbage bag and get rid of them. If you just drop them on the ground and leave them, it will spread the disease. I have to do this to my camillias every season but once all the diseased leaves are removed, they don't return until the next season.
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    • Candi Candi on Mar 09, 2018
      The sun does not cause the fungus looking spots...something else is happening.....
  • Karen Karen on Mar 09, 2018
    This is a fungus/gall. You need to remove all infected leaves/branches and toss in garbage can so spores don't spread. The camellia probably needs a good pruning to allow air flow through branches, which is part of the problem as moisture loves misery. You can drastically prune camellia and it will thank you. I had to cut one of mine back to about nothing and at end of growing season it is flourishing.

  • Rosebud Rosebud on Mar 09, 2018
    To avoid any & all diseases always pick up & remove all spent flowers. this is mostly what is causing trouble. Its work, yes. but necessary. Keep the ground under the plants clean. By this I mean rake up fallen flowers & leaves.
  • Bernadette Staal Bernadette Staal on Mar 09, 2018
    Camelia's recover very quickly from a major hair cut. If all else fails I would cut off all of the infected sections and burn the cuttings and all plant matter on the ground or get them off your property via your waste disposal. Then see if your tree recovers by growing new healthy growth. If not then I would say removing all the tree and any leaf matter in the area and starting again.
  • Karla Karla on Mar 10, 2018
    Yes, I neglected to say to put it in a baggie, I always do this.
  • Karla Karla on Mar 10, 2018
    Let me restate myself, take it to the local feed and garden store in a ziplock baggie, I am sorry Melissa I neglected to say to put it in a baggie. I sent the maintenance thing not because you need the maintenance to solve your current issue, but I thought that it might be helpful in the long run. Sorry Melissa if I confused the issue. Good luck with what is going on with it, very pretty.
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