The best advice on creating a Secret Garden in a corner of my backyard

I would like to hear what other people have done to create a secret area in their backyard. I've been saving pictures on Pinterest to help me decide just how I want to accomplish this. I want to have a path that is surrounded by different plants so the person walking can't see what's beyond or up ahead. Kind a like a maze.
I live in Battle Creek, Michigan so I hope to have colors throughout the year but mainly from Spring to Fall. I already have lots of flowers in my yard that can be transplanted to this area like Black-eyed Susans, different colors for Coneflowers, Foxglove, Bee Balm, Iris, Snapdragons, Sedum, Hosta, Day Lilies, Hybrid Lilies, Coral bells. I need suggestions on what else I could plant in there that would provide food for butterflies and bees, also give me continuous color throughout the year.

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