How do I repurpose a 1 acre horse pasture?

My beautiful horse Cayenne died last summer & I cant bear to look at his empty pasture. I will never get another horse, but I want to turn his pasture into a "fur baby memory place" with a winding walkway (cayennes paths he took so many times) throughout the pasture. My friends & family will pick an area to add their own touch of love & memories of their fur babies. What I need is ideas of drought tolerant bushes, plants, etc that will grow at a 6200 altitude. I have tried to kill all of the weeds but i'm still working on thistle & foxtails. I don't want plastic & rocks. I want to cover his fence with a fast growing climbing type plant so there is no sign it used to be a horse pasture. Im open to any ideas & would change my mind if anyone has better ideas.

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