Going to build a new porch, preferably covered, for modular home


We recently moved to new farm. Home is 20 yr old modular, very well maintained. Really is in great shape but need some updating. The front porch is ready to be gone so we want to build a lovely, preferably covered, new, wider porch. Longer perhaps. Our old farm has not sold so $$ is TIGHT. Would appreciate suggestions on design...materials...etc...Current shutters need paint but I would not mind changing them out completely. Ok gang! This project will in the hopefully not to distant future as we ARE supporting TWO farms right now...ughh. Sometimes you have to jump off the cliff and build your wings on the way day (thanks, Ray Bradbury). So, any input will be appreciated! THANKS :D

q going to build a new porch preferably covered for modular home

Current photo - love the interior and don't mind simplicity of outside but believe a new porch could make an enormous difference in appearance!!

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