Asked on Jul 13, 2018

I need to know in which order these jobs should be done.

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I am redoing my kitchen and will do some of the jobs myself and have a professional do others. I was wondering in what order to do or have the following jobs performed. I am keeping my lovely cabinets - just cleaning them and installing new handles. However, the following jobs will be done. A small amount of painting, new countertop, sink and faucet, backsplash and a wooden floor. Any help would be appreciated. Aloha and mahalo.

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  • You have it in almost the perfect order!

    I would start with cleaning the cabinets and installing new hardware. Paint, countertop, backsplash, sink, faucet, floor.

    You install the countertop first, as the backsplash goes on top of the new counter and before the faucet gets installed, easier to work around. Install floors last so they do not become damaged or painted from prior tasks. Make sense?

  • Linda Sikut
    on Jul 14, 2018

    Hi Tro,

    I agree with Naomie. We had a similar project done many years ago. The only difference was that we replaced the cabinets instead of just installing new cabinets. That is the same order that our projects were done. Wishing you the best!

  • Mogie
    on Jul 14, 2018

    I would paint and then install the new hardware.

  • Bonnie
    on Jul 14, 2018

    I agree with Naomi as well. You might think about removing the countertop before you paint just in case there is incidental damage to the cabinets.

  • Laura Cooper
    on Jul 14, 2018

    I concur, with the exception of installing the hardware last. I just prefer to put on the "jewelry" after all chances of accidental damage are mitigated

  • Nancy Turner
    on Jul 14, 2018

    I also would go with the order that Naomie suggested. Much easier to do backsplash without the faucet and sink in the way. Floors last in case of boo boos with paint, adhesive, dropping tools, etc. You should love the new kitchen once it is done!
  • Midge
    on Jul 14, 2018

    Thank you one and all. Some very good suggestions. Actually, I listed my projects in the order that I thought they should be done, but I wanted to get some additional feedback and that I did. Thanks again to everyone.
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