How do I remove the yellow stains from the armpit of white T-shirts?


How do I remove the yellow stains from the armpit of white T-shirts

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  • Mary Waechter Mary Waechter on Aug 01, 2018

    Bleach helps, or use OxyClean. May or may not work, but worth a try.

  • Sandi Sipe Sandi Sipe on Aug 01, 2018

    I use vinegar prewash on the stains... straight from the bottle, and then toss in with the whites.

  • Barb Adams Barb Adams on Aug 01, 2018
    Have you tried soaking in Qxyclean? They have one especially for whites, now.

  • Cindy Hagemann Cindy Hagemann on Aug 01, 2018
    My husband was in the military for 26 years and this is what I used on his white uniforms to get the stains out including the armpit stains.

  • E s desanna E s desanna on Aug 01, 2018

    Presoak with detergent and Borax before regular wash. Use Borax with detergent in subsequent wash loads to prevent the staining.

  • Judy Judy on Aug 01, 2018
    What a pain!
    My go to for this is a multi step solution.
    First, identify the stains which you did.

    Protein stains and and food stains are very different.

    There are many ways to deal with this.
    Cool water soak with vinegar and dawn dish soap.
    Hot water sets stains so stay away from that.

    Felsnapthasoap is magic especially if it’s a fresh stain. Buy it in the grocery store and it’s under $2. The bar lasts forever.
    You may need to do this twice.

    Bleach ever worked for that stain for me.

    Washing soda helps and baking soda absorbs the sweat of you make a paste and let it dry.

    I hope one works for you.

    The earlier yiu can attend to the the best.

    I found hanging a bag a bag of Muslim you can wet and the felsnaptha soap on the laundry bag helps do it right away.

    Good luck!

  • Thelma Thelma on Aug 01, 2018

    Make sure to use a stain remover and let it work for a while before washing the shirts, then do NOT dry them in the dryer if all the stain has not been removed. Once the stain has been left in the shirt and it has been dried in a dryer, the stain is permanent. If possible, hang them outside in the sun after cleaning them.

  • Kenneth Payne Kenneth Payne on Aug 01, 2018