How do I style my small front porch?


Porch is not wide and we have these awesome chairs and bench. I want a cozier atmosphere for my “porch sitting” times. Any ideas how we can spice this front porch up?

q how do i style my small front porch
q how do i style my small front porch
q how do i style my small front porch
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  • Elizabeth Dion Elizabeth Dion on Aug 12, 2018

    Hi Cecia! I would paint the chairs in a warm inviting color such as aqua or red. Add a narrow indoor/outdoor carpet or paint and stencil the floor to look like one. 😁

  • Danielle Danielle on Aug 12, 2018

    Hi Cecia! I LOVE those chairs! I would water seal them if you haven't already but I love the natural wood. I would add some larger, brighter cushions, and stencil out the floor to look like a bright rug. Add some decorative lights along the front and on the 2 sides, maybe some of those cute edison bulb string lights that you see on restaurant patios. I would add some planters or hanging baskets of flowers too, plants always make everything look pretty!

  • Emily Emily on Aug 12, 2018

    Can you flip the pics so they can be more easily seen? Hard to tell with the orientation they are in.

  • Margie Garcia-Hall Margie Garcia-Hall on Aug 13, 2018

    I would add shelves across the front of the porch so you can enjoy iced teas or lemonade while you sit. Also, some cozy wall art.

  • Jlnatty Jlnatty on Aug 13, 2018

    I love the rocking chair and cool bench, but I think they are too large in scale for the area of your porch. They look rather giant sized all together relative to the size of your shallow porch. Is there a place where you could use them - a backyard/back patio area where they have more room and the scale would look better? If not, I would first try angling the bench out from the house wall 90 degrees toward one end of the porch, add a rug and small table in front of it. (Check out this pic from Pinterest:

    If it doesn't fit that way, remove the bench. I would keep the rocker to the other side of the door angled toward the stairs and the bench and add a small side table next to it to hold a drink. My preference would be to paint the rocker and the bench (if kept on the front porch) white to contrast against the dark trimmed windows and shutters, and add cushy pillows in a bright color that you like for a pop. Add a couple of coordinating color throw rugs. If you remove the bench because it's too large to sit vertically out from the house wall, could you possibly turn it into a porch swing by paring it down somehow? If not, I would replace with a smaller scale white rocker or pair of them, or smaller scale adirondack chair or pair of them with a small side table in between and a footstool (either adirondack style to match the rocker(s) or another design scaled to the size of the rocker(s)/adirondack(s)). Here you can see how smaller/lighter in scale furniture is used on a shallow but long front porch like yours:

    I'd add some colorful planters (you can paint plastic ones you buy on clearance or, if you're handy, create wooden boxes to place old buckets in to use as planters and paint the wood in various colors to coordinate with the colors in the pillows and throw rugs, some larger filled with taller plants to add height and drama. I actually have added two triple ball fake topiary on either side of my front door on a 4x6 front porch, not large enough to hold a chair. They look great, although I was skeptical about buying artificial! Beats the cost of buying annuals to repot every year. Maybe add corner curtains tied back on either end of the porch if you like the look, or hang bamboo roll-up shades.

    Pinterest is loaded with tons of inspiring photos for narrow but long porches, I'm sure you will find something that triggers your own creative juices and come up with something beautiful and unique.

  • Sally Alter Sally Alter on Sep 09, 2018

    That Pinterest site that Jlnatty gave you is awesome! I hope you will find some good ideas there. When you use the word cozy, I don't see those over-large wooden chairs fitting in to that space. Cozy to me means soft, plush textures like big puffy cushions, heavy throws in warm colors and a soft rug, not something painted on the deck. I noticed one of the pictures on the site has dark wicker chairs which I thought was something you might consider. Also, someone mentioned fairy lights which I think would be wonderful. I have a tiny fold-up table which I found at my local Lowe's store. Just the job. You could also get a small table on line. Going along that warm idea you might like to add a lacy cloth on the table. If you were English like me, you would have a lovely earthenweare tea pot with a colorful, hand-knitted 'tea cozy' on the top! You would be able to sit out there in the evening and enjoy the view.

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