How do I get my zucchini plant to produce zucchini?


I have zucchini plants that don’t produce zucchini. Any tips?

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  • OceeB OceeB on Aug 27, 2018

    Hi Lenora,

    It may be because of the types of plants (all male).. I know who would have thought..

  • Lynn Lynn on Aug 28, 2018

    Same problem here, as well as with my pumpkins. Lots of 'male' blooms but no females to speak of. I think I got a total of 4 zukes off 2 plants. Though it was cut off, I think you said you pollinated them yourself, and still no fruit. Might be due to lack of water at the proper stage of development then. I didn't see an females on the pumpkins to even attempt pollination!

    • Lenora Lenora on Aug 28, 2018

      Maybe I shouldn’t buy my seeds at the dollar store. I’m getting only males maybe?

  • Hi Lenora - I could be numerous things but it does sound like pollination. Not enough bees in the area, or your zucchini only producing male or female flowers. One easy fix would be to take a few Q-tips and manually pollinate the female flowers (bigger and round) to the male flowers (thinner and oblong). Good luck! Hugs, Holly

    • Lenora Lenora on Aug 28, 2018

      There’s lots of bee activity in the morning when then blooms are open. I tried hand pollination (always successful w my peach and apple trees). I didn’t try to figure out which were male/female blossoms so I touched each blossom. Maybe I confused the poor plant!

  • Redsenji Redsenji on Aug 28, 2018

    Boys will develope very early, girls up to 4 weeks later...after that hold on to your sun hats...there will be a jillion babies.

  • Lenora Lenora on Aug 28, 2018

    im beginning to believe it’s just been too hot. We had a cooler week last week now I have lots of cucumbers, but still no zucchini.

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