How to I remove black from patio pavers?

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  • Chaz Chaz on Sep 12, 2018

    I need to know more of what the black is on the pavers is it a mold or fungus or the color of the paver?

  • If mold, there are "wet and forget" type products sold at any hardware or home improvement store. I have never used them, but many people love them. I just use white vinegar as I have small children visiting and a house full of pets. Vinegar is water soluable, environmentally friendly, kid and pets safe and cheap!

  • Chaz Chaz on Sep 12, 2018

    If not satisfied with the other ideas I would try Scotts Outdoor Cleaner with Plus OXI Clean Stain Fighters already in this product,

    It wipes out stains from Mold, Mildew, & Algae on Cement & Stone, Brick,Wood Composite,and Siding & many more outdoor surfaces also Safe on Lawns, Plants Fabric, Patio Furniture & More. I have used it on my Concrete Patio and my Vinyl fence and it has (worked great). I just mixed it in a bucket spread it on the patio and brushed it then rinsed it . Same on my fence. You can also use it a pressure washer. Around here it is about $10.00 to ? in a 1 Gal container at your Local hardware stores such as Ace and True-Value but it will last a long time if you follow instructions.