Help with ugly concrete entry

I need help with the concrete. I painted it gray years ago but it chipped quickly and potted plants leave ugly rings. Any suggestions to beautify the concrete that aren't too pricey?
help with ugly concrete entry, concrete masonry, decks, I need advice on covering the chipped painted concrete that s not pricey
I need advice on covering the chipped painted concrete that's not pricey.
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  • Z Z on Jul 01, 2014
    I'd power wash it, let it dry and then repaint, or better yet, stain it. Pick a couple colors from that awesome stone wall and sponge it on to hide and future stains from watering the plants. You might want to think of another place for the plants to avoid future minerals spots from the water.
    • Ashley Elizabeth Ashley Elizabeth on Jul 03, 2014
      @Z Dollarama and Dollar Tree sometimes sell those pot trays with wheels to go under planters, they're movable yet don't have drainage holes to drip down onto the concrete. just a thought
  • Amanda Eastman Amanda Eastman on Jul 02, 2014
    Yes, concrete stain! Lovely entryway. :)
  • Donna Steward Donna Steward on Jul 03, 2014
    A lovely bright color stain would bring the eye to the door & be so inviting.
  • Marianne Marianne on Jul 03, 2014
    I agree with the stain/paint keeping it light (maybe that light brown in the stone on your right). Have you ever considered painting your front door a bright color providing a wow impact at the end or just add a nice colorful wreath on the door to welcome visitor. I also agree you need to move your plants to another location.
  • Gretchen Gretchen on Jul 03, 2014
    Clean it first (with TSP if allowed in your area), paint again with concrete paint, then if you want to add bright color, put a carpet runner down. I am assuming you don't have loads of rain in CA right now. A brightly colored, indoor/outdoor runner can be pulled up if you have very bad weather or changed out to change the look for the season. And definitely get saucers to go under the pots. Keep the pots that have drainage holes - the plants can drown otherwise! Saucers are very inexpensive from the big box stores and garden centers. I love the stone wall!
  • Auntie Lin Auntie Lin on Jul 03, 2014
    I agree also, concrete stain. maybe stencil a nice bright or even white border around the edges?! Also, not sure if its the picture but it looks like a some what narrow space? If so, I would skip the plants in your entry way between your home & wall...your "closing it in" and it will feel cold instead of a warm entry. Also, I love your black door but with the stone wall, I would do a pop of color door! Greys are beautiful, but with so much stone color & grey going on, do an inviting color. Looks like you have some maybe sage or green family color on your house? go bright yellow door! :) Google images of colored doors, you will find the perfect fit for you! Good Luck! PS, I love your entry way!!! I would kill for a concrete entrance.
  • Joffler Joffler on Jul 03, 2014
    Do a nice acid staining to it--something dramatic so when you turn into the entryway--BAM!--a unexpected surprise (well, to first-time visitors, but still...). I can totally see an acid stain/wash in reddish and putty tones that would "go" with or complelment the black trimwork, neutral walls, natural stones and that would contrast beautifully with your greenery.
  • Andrea Andrea on Jul 03, 2014
    concrete stain is a very good option. i also like the runner idea
  • V Valencia V Valencia on Jul 03, 2014
    Hello @Joffler is acid staining/wash a DIY project?
  • Cindy Carley Cindy Carley on Jul 03, 2014
    We would do some "research on staining" the least it would give it a new appearance or there is paint for concrete!! ~~ Good luck!!!! :)
  • Thanks for all the help! I'm researching concrete stain and am excited to take this on:)
  • Mrstinylady Mrstinylady on Jul 03, 2014
    Did you know that you can refinish concrete to look like marble or other surfaces? Concrete resurfacing stuff comes in just about every color and texture these days. Let me find something to post for you . . . I like the brown door color and wouldn't change it, but to draw the eye there, you might want to--gasp--remove the beautiful stone and extend the front entry with a cool porch in resurfaced concrete or brick (or whatever you prefer) with some arbor top and trellis vines. I would spend a little extra to re-pot the plants into extraordinary pots, BOLD and eye-catching and larger in scale, and do the same with lighting.
  • Mandy Loriot Mandy Loriot on Jul 03, 2014
    Behr has a beautiful opaque deck and concrete outdoor stain that would work great. One color Ithink would look pretty is called "pensive sky."
  • Marge Marge on Jul 03, 2014
    Paint the door another color like Williamsburg blue or even a red. It would make it pop. Paint the concrete. Hang some plants above the rail. Either remove other plants or put them on wheels.
  • Barbara Barbara on Jul 03, 2014
    Take all those flowers and put them in pots that would sit on the top of the wall. This would clear up the cluttered look and make area wider and safer for walking.
  • Nancee125 Nancee125 on Jul 03, 2014
    Move the plants on the left, they detract from the charming door and "statement rock", ignore the concrete stain, fill in the chips with something to prevent tripping, draw eye to door with a fun color, high gloss.
  • Chris aka monkey Chris aka monkey on Jul 03, 2014
    @SK on Elderberry this looks like it's right up your alley xx
  • MaryAnn B MaryAnn B on Jul 03, 2014
    I would clean it and then repaint with concrete paint. I love one that was posted the other day of someone who redid her concrete steps to look like a runner it had blue strips on the side .It would lead someone right to your door..
  • E E on Jul 03, 2014
    I'd stencil on a rug to my detailed or colorful as you'd the imperfections will vanish (and it's relatively easy and cheap)
  • Centrd Centrd on Jul 03, 2014
    Mrstinylady, I love the limestone coating product! But it's unclear if it's available outside of Texas. Are you familiar with the product beyond the link you provided?
  • Barbara Barbara on Jul 03, 2014
    The plants make the space look smaller. Hang them above the stone wall. Paint the door as Marge mentioned, that will put the focal point on the door, and not the floor. I believe painted concrete needs to be washed first with muriatric acid to get up all dirt/stains. A new paint job, may not peel with hanging plants. Love the stone wall, the gray looks nice with the beige walls, co-ordinates well. Have fun.
  • Tina Yoder Tina Yoder on Jul 05, 2014
    i would do a gray out door turf kinda like real thin out door carpet .put plants some where else and do a bench with some ferns in tall pots on each side of the bench.being that your porch looks narrow you can buy a kids size bench.its just all for looks.if you do the ferns on each side have them the same height as the bench could transplant the others you have on porch put in hanging baskets over the over hang on porch.
  • Darlene Clonts Darlene Clonts on Jul 06, 2014
    add a nice runner to go there
  • Marion Nesbitt Marion Nesbitt on Jul 06, 2014
    Would move plants on the left. I'd just get some indoor-outdoor carpet. You have a blank wall on left. Put a piece of wall art - doesn't take up room. You already have greenery draping over the stone wall which is charming.
  • Liliana Wells Liliana Wells on Dec 11, 2014
    Have you decided on your concrete treatment? I have just come across your question. I have been looking at this company that produces concrete stain It looks beautiful. Good luck to you.
  • No Liliana Wells, it's gone nowhere. I hope to eventually go Ruth concrete stain
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