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How can I secure a wooden privacy lattice into concrete without drill?

Linda SikutJean Devaney


Is it possible to temporarily secure a free standing privacy lattice to concrete without drilling holes into concrete ground?

48" with four panels.

q how can i secure a wooden privacy lattice into concrete without drill
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  • Jean Devaney
    28 minutes ago

    see above- same as pegboard... glue strips of wood first to concrete walls then screw your boards onto those strips

  • Linda Sikut
    19 minutes ago

    Hi Maleah Jo,

    When I look at your pic, the first thing that came to my mind was to put decorative weights of some kind on both sides of the privacy screen. If it were me, I'd use plants on the front and maybe bricks on the back to hold it in place. You may have other thoughts about heavy items that you would like. The principle is the same. You might even dress-up the entire front side of the screen with a pretty indoor "garden" in pots. If you chose to use faux plants, just put bricks or some kind of weight in the bottom of the pot. I'd also make them as high as possible to really hold it securely. I hope this helps you. Wishing you the best!

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