How do I get rid of flees in carpeting?


get rid of flees in carpeting?

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  • Robbi L Marcelain Robbi L Marcelain on Dec 07, 2018

    Run to the Dollar store and buy Roach killer. It has boric acid in it. Sprinkle all over let sit then vaccum. Repeat of needed. Works wonders!

  • Start cleaning, entire house from top to bottom. You need to treat your yard too. I use vinegar. I spray the perimeter of the property and base of my house once a month year round. Needs to be repeated after every rain or snow event.

    Good luck, it happens to the best of us.

  • Kelli L. Milligan Kelli L. Milligan on Dec 07, 2018

    I it's a long and tedious process and a big pain. I use flea bombs. You need to take your pet out the house and preferably to be dipped and you, and everything else that's alive, needs to leave. The bombs take about 4 hours. when you come home you have to clean everything, your clothes, pots, pans, dishes, upholstery, anything that might have come in contact with the bomb spray. Don't put the bomb spray on furniture it will ruin the Finish, set it on a piece of cardboard and let them loose. You'll have to repeat this at least two more times to make sure you catch all the eggs in the larvae. Good luck. You also need to make sure you treat your vacuum. They will live in there too.

  • Richard Richard on Dec 08, 2018

    7 Dust is the best product to use out side and on the rugs. You need to treat the yard first then the house. It is safe for most dogs. replace the out side after rain or snow melt. My parents breed Pomeranians and this is what they used. Most hardware store carry this premixed.

  • Grace Gleason Grace Gleason on Dec 08, 2018

    Go to Amazon. Buy 1 can of "Zoecon Precor 2000 Plus Premise Spray", 16 oz. Follow the directions to the letter. Get the animals and birds into a separate room for a couple of hours. Cats are especially sensitive to Permethrin - DO NOT overspray. The Permethrin will take out the adults, and the Precor will handle the juveniles. IT WILL WORK. I have 12 cats and NO fleas this year. Just remember to spray the room where you kept the animals. ;-) This stuff is not cheap. I use it at least twice a year. But $22 beats putting Revolution on 12 cats.

  • Marissa Morin Marissa Morin on Dec 08, 2018

    Flea Bombs. You get them from your vet. You have to take your animals and birds out of the house. Follow directions. They work great. Follow directions. I did it once a year. Worked great.

  • Deborah Deborah on Dec 09, 2018

    The 5 replies are all good method. it must be repeated in 3 wks for hatching eggs. I actually had 27 cats on the farm, so I have used a variety of methods.

    I worked as a housekeeper and noticed some houses where my ankles were bitten. At that time, I sprinkle 7 dust lightly into carpets, basement, porches. 1 wk later, vacuum everything possible, sofa cushions to remove small white eggs. Repeat for 3 wks to end the cycle. I learned a new trick from an old vet who recommended sheep dip. It is called limonene, made from citrus peel and oil. Dilute to recommended dose for shampoo on carpets and half strength for bathing animals. ( 1tbs to gallon water)

    My favorite method, I call the 'bi-annual dusting' first dust all surfaced, removing doilies etc where you will notice tiny white eggs. The tiny black ones are flea dung, blood from your pets. After dusting all the furniture, vacuum

    everything including underneath sofa and chair cushions, along the edgeing of your mattress. Use the crevice tool to get into the edging of furniture and around 'legs' of furniture. Use the dilute amount of limoline in carpet shampoo twice a year, spring and fall. Vinegar will eliminate pet odors from spray. Last year I found the recipe for limolene (it is over $25 a bottle.)

    1. Use a glass fruit jar or other glass dish with cover.
    2. Fill 3/4 with white cleaning vinegar ($1 at Dollar Tree)
    3. keep citrus peels, orange, lemon place them fresh in the vinegar.
    4. set at least one week. It will neutralize all odors. When ready
    5. it will NOT smell like vinegar or citrus. Transfer to spray bottle
    6. It is non toxic, kills fleas in all stages, spiders, flys in the window sill
    7. ANTS. especially around food preparation areas, safe to us on greasy stove.
    8. My standby is sold by Tractor Supply, as dog 'kennel' spray.

    Homemade vinegar-orange is safe to spray in or on cabinets

    where they hide


    BLACk WIDOWS. Our town and my farm is over run by

    black widows and brown recluse spiders. Black widows can outrun you in tight spaces between cabinets etc.

    Black widow rarely bite and heal fairly well.

    1. Brown recluse inside your coat sleeve, shoe or any corner jump towards you.
    2. If you live in a town infested with brown recluse,
    3. you will know that bite will send you to ER anywhere from 8-48 hours.
    4. They cause high fever, inject silk that looks like a brain full of poison which will cause an arm or leg to swell double, turns gange green

    I have known 6 people who hit 104 fever and were about to pass out.

    4. Do attempt to squeeze or suck out venom.

    It be cut out to remove the venom sack.

    You will need someone else to drive.

  • Grace Gleason Grace Gleason on Mar 03, 2019

    Tired of fooling around? Go to Buy 1 can of Precor 2000 Plus Premise Spray, 16 oz. for $18.89. Do what it says. Be sure to take the animals, birds, whatever, out of the room. I spray upstairs one day, then downstairs the next. Don't soak anything. A light mist will do. Because it contains Permethrin, it MUST dry if you have cats, which I do. I DO NOT have fleas....or brown recluse spiders. This is good for 6 months. Then do it again. A can says it will do 2000 sq ft. I can usually do my 1200 sq ft house twice. Good luck.

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