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Asked on Jan 13, 2019

How tall should board and batten be?

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I have a 30 year old farmhouse style home. I want to change up the appearance of our walls in the living room, and I am considering board and batten. Is there a suggested/recommended height for it to be? We have 12 light/pane windows that are 3x5, and I didn't know if you should make the top of the b/b that same height as one of the rows of lights or what!! Thank you.

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  • You can do what pleases your eye. Often board and batten is done up 2/3 of the way of the wall, or you can do the entire wall from floor to ceiling. I would certainly do it to the top of your windows for uniformity.

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    on Jan 13, 2019

    The best rule of thumb is to divide your wall height into thirds and either do 1/3 high or 2/3 high. So if you have 8' tall ceilings, 8 divided by 3 is 32". Therefore, your chairrail should be 32" tall or if you want a taller plate rail height, it'd be 63" (32 x 2 = 64) Make sense? This 'thirds' rule is just what looks balanced and pleasing to the eye.

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