Asked 5 days ago

How do I tint the inside of a glass light fixture?



Currently the light produces too much glare and a tint would soften the lighting. I am thinking of a window film but open to suggestions.

q how do i tint the inside of a glass light fixture
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  • You might want to try sea glass spray paint. Try it on an empty jar or something like that before you commit to it on your fixture.

    • Dennis Bell
      5 days ago

      Rather than a frosted look could I get an amber tint transparent look? I actually would test out both if I could?? Thoughts?

  • Debker
    5 days ago

    Hi Dennis, you can buy a spry frosting that would look great on these clear shades

  • You could also try a glass paint too, much like a stained glass transparent color.

  • Dennis Bell
    5 days ago

    What I am after is an amber tint transparent look!

  • Flipturn
    5 days ago

    It may be easier to achieve the desired look simply by changing the present lightbulbs to ones with amber glass.

  • Sal3170064
    5 days ago

    Alcohol inks would probably be the answer. You can get yellows or a ombre one. You only need small amount and some rubbing alcohol. Try on a glass jar first. I've used these on glass and they work well.

  • Slimm
    5 days ago

    As a retired window tinter I would suggest using some light bronze (35%-50%) window film. It should be applied to the outside of the glass and after drying would look great.

    If in the end, the result doesn't satisfy you then it is a simple matter of peeling it off and using some ammonia based window cleaner or an ammonia/water mixture to remove any leftover adhesive that may remain.

    • Dennis Bell
      4 days ago

      It would look better if applied to the inside however I was thinking that would be a difficult process to smooth it out and also not show a seam or gap..

  • Barbara
    5 days ago

    I would change the lightbulb to an amber glow Edison bulb

  • Anne Coppes
    4 days ago

    I've used the rustoleum glass spray paint - but watch out for drips - you can also get color-changing light bulbs.

  • Kathy miro
    4 days ago

    How about some pretty lace or line the inside with pretty doilies or a pot of diluted paint then keep dipping till you get what you want you could even spong the inside with your hand and a small spong and make the color light

  • Terri
    4 days ago

    Unicorn Spit.

  • BikerSue
    4 days ago

    Martha Stewart Glass Paint from the craft store

  • C
    4 days ago

    I took Elmer’s glue and food color. I mixed them to the consistency I wanted in a cereal bowl. Then I used a wide cheap kids paint brush and got to it. Loved the out come. Changed my color from a brownish orange to green.

  • Reenaroc
    4 days ago

    Take the shades off and bring them to a professional etcher. Have them done ever so lightly so that you can still see your cool bulbs. Or I think I saw a technique on here somewhere (do a google search) for doing it yourself. You are getting a lot of good ideas on here. Good Luck. (If all else fails, sell those and get different ones).

  • Debi53
    31 minutes ago

    Have you considered a lower wattage bulb? Maybe the wattage is too high and causing the glare?

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