Asked on Feb 9, 2019

How do I organize my earrings?

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I have seen several ways for hanging earring organizers....but none for the regular earrings with back stoppers....pls send me ur views.thanks.

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  • Donna
    on Feb 9, 2019

    I use ice cube trays.

  • Pamela
    on Feb 9, 2019

    Take a standing picture frame , 8x10 size . Take out the glass and glue a piece screen in its place. Stick your earring through the front and put the back of the earring on the back of the screen. Using an 8x10

    Makes it easy to move around .

  • Nancy Turner
    Nancy Turner
    on Feb 9, 2019

    You can use cork boards and if you put the stoppers all the way against the earring, you may have enough post left to put into the cork. If not, use stick pins through the backs of the earrings and you can put the pin in the cork. I have also used egg cartons to store post earrings.

  • Linda Sikut
    Linda Sikut
    on Feb 9, 2019

    Hi Elaine,

    Here's and article with a few possibilities. Good luck finding exactly what you need.

  • Elaine
    on Feb 9, 2019

    Thanks a ton

  • Carol Schultz
    Carol Schultz
    on Feb 17, 2019

    An empty Toffifee box is great. Stack as many boxes as you need/want, cover with contact paper, decoupage, etc. NOTE: You will need to attach something to pull the 'drawers' out. (plastic bread tag, ribbon, etc.

  • Wendy D'Agostino
    Wendy D'Agostino
    on Aug 11, 2019

    I purchased from Ocean State Job Lot painters stretch canvas' in whatever size will hold your earrings. I spray painted it a soft gold glitter and than hot glued ribbon a feather trim around edges. At the back I attached 3 picture frame hooks and used decorative ribbon for hanging. I have included pictures of mine which is OVER 10 YEARS OLD. I used those metal skewers included in those lace up a turkey kit to poke holes into the canvas. I only hang dangle earrings from it but you could make a smaller one. Maybe mount it in a picture frame and put stud earrings on it. You can hang it on your wall and just take it down to add or remove earrings. If you put a foam nack on the canvas you could just stick the earrings in it and keep the backs in a safe place. Anyway its a cheap way to display your earrings so you can see what you have. I also purchased some mens tie holders; painted them and then hang necklaces from them.

  • Pat
    on Aug 12, 2019

    You want them to hang? How about the mesh used for cross-stitch? You could put the material in a frame and then hang it on the wall. Would have to take it down to put the little stud holder on the back. If you want something to be put in a drawer, get one of the small plastic lidded boxes used for fishing lures...they should be small enough to put a pair of post earrings in each little cubical.

  • Mandi Huffman
    Mandi Huffman
    on Jan 14, 2020

    I have a TON of jewelry and I made hanging holders for everything. Shelves, wood boards anything you can upcycle, paint to match your theme and add cup hooks. You can hang necklaces, bracelets, and dangling backless earrings from them. For my earrings that have backs You can get a decorative sheet of aluminum from home depot or lowes and easily bend it to a half circle (not quite that far, but you get the idea) Run a ribbon through the top to hang it and then you can add your earrings with backs as needed and remove just as easily without having to take the holder off the wall. Bending the aluminum keeps the backs from scratching the wall and holding the holder away from the wall.

  • Lillian
    on Oct 20, 2020

    I take mini plastic bags and put each of my earrings into seprate bags.

  • Dawn @ Designs By Gaddis
    Dawn @ Designs By Gaddis
    on Oct 23, 2020

    If you want to display them try this Earring Wall Display.

  • Cheryl A
    Cheryl A
    on Mar 31, 2021

    I have purchased ice trays (plastic) from the dollar store and have mine in those and you can stack them here is more info

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