How do you paint your interior in 30 minutes?

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  • The only time I have ever painted a room in 30 minutes was when it was totally empty. Prep (for me at least), always takes more time than the actual painting itself.

  • Oliva Oliva on Feb 10, 2019

    If you're referring to a room, I don't believe it's possible. A small closet...perhaps, but only is all taping and "cutting in" has been completed.

  • Thomas Thomas on Feb 10, 2019

    hire someone

  • William William on Feb 10, 2019

    Impossible. Proper prep takes time. Primer needs time to dry. Finish paint needs time to dry.

    • Cheryl Hamilton Cheryl Hamilton on Feb 11, 2019

      Check out The Idaho Painter, it can be done in 30 minutes to 1 hour. You’ll find him on you tube.

  • Gk Gk on Feb 10, 2019

    If you are painting the inside of a small closet--then it can be done!

  • Rolling is pretty fast, but it's going to take time for the edges. It's possible to paint a room in a day though.

  • Cheryl Hamilton Cheryl Hamilton on Feb 11, 2019

    Well I found out how to do it in 30 minutes to an hour from The Idaho Painter. He has a lot of video’s of the different ways to paint a room in a short time. He’s from Garden City, Idaho. Check him out, you’ll find him on you tube.

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    • Cheryl Hamilton Cheryl Hamilton on Feb 12, 2019

      He has videos showing how to go about painting rooms full of furniture as mine is and I also have some very heave non movable furniture for a 67 disabled Senior Citizen as myself but that isn’t going to stop me from painting my front room. I hope you are enjoying the weather out there in California. Have a great week.

  • William William on Feb 11, 2019

    Yep. Paint a room in 1 hour or less. Three guys. One tapes, one cuts in, one paints. 9" roller for small areas, 18 inch roller for the walls. Load up the roller with a lot of paint for one coat coverage. He doesn't have to pay for the paint. Works if you have the tools and a team.

    A lot of other videos he's using other painters, pushing products. HEA and HVLP sprayers, 18 inch commercial rollers. naming specific paint.

    Paint a window in three minutes, YES. Didn't mention how long it took to sand, caulk, plastic cover and tape the glass.

    Spray paint a closet in a few minutes with a HEA sprayer.

    As a former homebuilder/ remodeller Maintenance supervisor I can remove and replace a toilet in 20 minutes. How long would it take you.

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