14 Cute Fairy Garden Ideas That Will Bring Some Magic to Your Garden

The smallest details can often have the biggest impact and that’s certainly true of our top fairy garden projects.

Perfect inside or outside your home

By Best Of Hometalk

How to Plant the Perfect Fairy Garden

To plant the perfect fairy garden, follow these tips from LA Murano. This Hometalker found that the best way to handle drainage and achieve a gradient

Fairy Garden Supplies

Plenty of craft stores stock fairy garden supplies. However, for something a little different, try this alternative source. With a little creativity,

Fairy Garden Accessories: Dainty DIY Tools

Fairy garden accessories can make or break your project. With these DIY tools, you certainly won’t break the bank. Dan started with a length of copper

Fabulous Flowerpot Fairy Garden

For your next fairy garden pot project, why not use this trick from Hometalker Shannon. Most fairy gardens take a standard clay flowerpot and add some

Succulent Fairy Garden Plants

In theory, any type of plant can be used in a fairy garden. However, as Tori found, succulents are the best. For this fantastic backlit fairy garden,

The Cutest Miniature Fairy Garden

This miniature fairy garden shows how you can customize the smallest details to suit your needs. For this project, Home Factory decided to use mini he

Garden Fairy Statues

Not all fairy garden statues are fairies…To add something unique to your fairy garden, why not make a fox, like Dimi? Using polymer clay, Dimi rolled

Three Tier Fairy Garden

Who says your fairy gardens have to be confined to a single surface? The key to replicating this impressive ornament is to use three different sized p

A Wonderous Fairy Garden Waterfall

Running water can bring some real life to your fairy garden. Starting with spare rocks from her pond, Janet built a wooden frame. The frame itself was

From Lifeless Lantern to Living Fairy Garden

Lanterns are often ornate, which is why Adrianne thought hers would make the perfect housing for a fairy garden. The key to achieving a look like this

A Timeless DIY Fairy Garden

Repurposing a broken clock can give you a timeless piece that will delight forever. Removing the face and internal mechanics, Michelle drilled two hol

English Elegance in a Teacup

Is there anything more sophisticated than a traditional English cup of tea? This fairy garden from Carolyn might be...Taking a fine china teapot and m

A Bright Idea: Fairy Gardens in a Lightbulb

Of all the miniature fairy garden projects we’ve seen, this one is by far the cutest. Perfect for the home, this lightbulb fairy garden requires just

Ingenious Indoor Fairy Garden

Almost all fairy garden ideas can bring the outside inside. However, this idea is one of the easiest ways to make a natural ornament for your home. Ta