How to make a pool towel rack?

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  • Nic Nic on Mar 18, 2019

    I saw something very clever at a small hotel that we went to many years ago. Every room was located off of the pool, hence every room had to have a pool towel rack. They had taken large clay pots and filled them with cement, then they centered a decorative iron rod that had more than one hook on it in the middle of the cement.

    You could use a shepard's hook like the kind they sell at nurseries or home improvement centers. Or you could use a very strong branch with multiple branchlets. Depending on your personal taste, you could get very creative with this: If you are a gardener, you could "plant" clean, discarded rakes or other long handled garden tools into the cement to hold the wet towels. Have fun with your project!

  • I've seen cute ones made our of oars and surfboards. Just screw in some hooks and you're good to go.

  • My personal favourite is the ones made from Pvc pipe. They are nice and cheap to make and can withstand all weather's. Here is what I mean but there are many designs out there using pvc pipe.

  • Stolzy Stolzy on Jun 20, 2021

    When the kids were little, now 46 - 33 yrs on April Fool's Day weekend they would get one of the plastic jars I'd saved. You could pick whatever wanted, and you could pick your towel hook/ holder. Ex, my oldest daughter picked a sunflower face, and one of the dog cookie jars. Dad warmed up the band saw, we got out the paint and permanent markers. The jars were all watertight so they would float. They had their favorite My Little Pony (dog cookie jar). When they got older.. Nokia phones, watch, earrings that were rad, but not gold. It was heartwarming to see the kids repaint the towel hook face every couple of years. We used bicycle hooks. They don't have sharp edges so they don't scratch bikes- they won't snag my towels either.

    Superman still has his curl of hair on his forehead, The Incredible Hulk still has a green face, Princess Leah still has cinnamon rolls on her ears, etc. When my kids and their families come for a visit it's amazing to see their kids going to their parent's hooks.

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