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Vickie Glassey
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Asked on Apr 10, 2019

How do I keep cats out of my flower beds?

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  • William
    on Apr 10, 2019

    Sprinkle cayenne pepper or chili powder around. May need to repeat. One sniff and they'll remember.

  • A Crafty Mix - Michelle
    on Apr 10, 2019

    Hi Vickie, we use lemon and orange peels to keep our purr babies out of the garden beds. They're not fond of that citrusy smell and it's makes a great compost too.

  • DesertRose
    on Apr 10, 2019

    There is an easy way to keep roaming pets out of the flower beds, moth balls. They evaporate and do not harm the environment. You need to be aware if there might be toddlers roaming the neighborhood as they might put one in their mouth. Be sure to be generous. A personal friend asked me this question and said it failed. When I went to look at her back yard, she had scattered one every ten or so feet! No, put a good box full in the flower garden. They will evaporate over time, but if you replace them as needed, the cats will stay away. They last a few months. Hope this helps, Vickie

  • Karen
    on Apr 10, 2019

    I buy bamboo skewers and stick them in every which way in my garden . They think twice ! You have to watch out for them also , but it works! Plus I lay chicken wire in my herb garden!

  • Cats dislike the smell of rue, lavender and pennyroyal, Coleus canina and lemon thyme — so plant a few of these throughout the garden space.

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