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Asked on Apr 15, 2019

How to get rid of grass spurs?

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  • Peggy Burnette
    on Apr 15, 2019

    Hi Norma, sorry you are dealing with nasty grass spurs. Hope this is helpful. ut 770,000 results (0.65 seconds)

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    Ways to Get Rid of Grass Burrs

    1. They struggle with competition. ...
    2. Mow with a Bag and drop the height adjustment on your mower a few notches and give your lawn a short trimmed cut. ...
    3. Products called MSMA or Orange Oil, typically found in stores, are considered good herbicides.

    Jun 13, 2017

    How to Get Rid of Grass Burrs - Ryno Lawn Care, LLC

  • Cor32419347
    on Apr 15, 2019

    I live in Texas in the hill country. There are sprays for this but my husband burns them up in the spring.

  • Sue Condon
    on Apr 17, 2019

    Drag an old blanket around affected area and either put in black yard trash bag or burn. Once Spurs are gone find the center if the plant and yank it by the root.

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