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Asked on Apr 23, 2019

What should I do with a cutting of a sweet pea tree?

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I have a cutting from a Sweet Pea tree. If I put it in Water in the shade and cover with plastic till it roots. What shouldI put in the water. I have done this with several plants including Hibiscus bush and they root beautifully, What boosterwould you suggest to get a root out of this cutting. Thanks Penne

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    • Penne Johnson
      on Apr 23, 2019

      Hi Alice. This is a tree not the climbing plants that are fragrant.

      The tree is beautiful and the flowers are not fragrant. The nursery

      told me its a sweet pea tree/bush. Thanks Penne

  • Cindy
    on Apr 25, 2019

    Hi Penne. You could add Epson Salt in the water as a booster. Normally I add one tablespoon of Epson Salt in a gallon of water. I don't know the size of your cutting, but you can adjust the measurements accordingly. You can use this solution on any plants or even in a vegetable garden. And you can repeat every two weeks.

  • Penne Johnson
    on Apr 25, 2019

    Thanks loads Cindy. Yep Epson, salt is my go to for boosting, my plants, just

    not sure which ones may not like it. I use the same ratio as you and so will just

    know it is ok. The cutting I put in there (jar) I did use that water, as I always keep a jug ready for it. With the cutting I don't think it will be too much.

    Thanks Cindy keeping my fingers crossed. Penne

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