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Saw Aki
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Asked on May 15, 2019

Howto replace storm doors?

Lois PagliaroliLindaGk


Need to replace storm doors and make is Larson ?

3 answers
  • Gk
    on May 15, 2019

    Hello Saw! Most home improvement stores like Menards, Lowes, and Home Depot sell Larson storm doors. There is quite a variety and price range to choose from. I think you should visit any of these stores, find something you like, and buy it! You can install yourself if you have some good DIY skills. The directions that come with the doors are well laid out in easy to follow steps. If you get confused there is also a help number to call.

  • Linda
    on May 15, 2019

    Do you need the whole door replaced? If so believe it or not you can purchase one on amazon. If you need a part they have parts too.

  • Lois Pagliaroli
    on May 16, 2019

    The Larson I purchased at Lowe’s is good quality and has held up well. I like the window that’s built on that goes up and down.

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