Storage Solutions For Every Room in the House

Keeping your home tidy may sound easy enough, but if you don't have any storage solutions, it becomes much harder to keep on top of ever-growing messes. The need for storage is real, as there never seems to be enough space in the house. Storage solutions are everyone’s saving grace, especially ones that blend seamlessly into the home and create more space where it didn't seem possible. Luckily on Hometalk, there's a multitude of storage containers to choose from for every style and room that you can think of.

By Best Of Hometalk

DIY Covered Storage Containers

Create functional and aesthetically pleasing storage boxes for any room in the house thanks to Hometalker Katie @ Houseful of Handmade. She shares how she created these

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Dog Treat Storage Containers

Man's best friend is an important member of many households; therefore, it seems fitting that dog treats should have a convenient spot in any dog lovers' home. Show

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Mason Jar Storage Containers

If your recipe calls for rosemary, parsley or even thyme, have them at the ready with these charming mason jar containers. Thanks to Hometalker Sara @ sincerely, sara d.,

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Furniture Storage Solutions

If you’re tight on space, then creativity is key, which is why incorporating storage into furniture is always a great idea! An outdoor bench is a perfect place to conceal

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Plastic Storage Containers

These plastic storage containers are completely versatile and can adapt to any room they’re placed in, thanks to Hometalker Chas’ Crazy Creations. She shows us how by

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Industrial Storage Containers

Give your home a vintage, industrial-chic vibe with these milk crate-turned-storage containers. For just $25, Hometalker Katie @ Fun Home Things added a great storage

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Decorative Kitchen Storage Containers

Turn leftover wood into kitchen storage containers with this DIY woodwork project. This is a great project for someone wanting to try their hand at a small-scale

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Even More Kitchen Storage Solutions

Bring some color and style into your kitchen with these tin can storage containers. Hometalker Happyhappynester got creative with some old tin containers, which she

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Wrapped Rope Storage Containers

This beautiful DIY project doubles as practical storage containers that can suit any room in your home. To make them, Hometalker Gail @ Purple Hues and Me simply glued

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One Board Storage Container

One 1 x 8 x 8 board was all it took for Hometalker Brittany aka Pretty Handy Girl to create a faux cubby box that has endless storage possibilities. After cutting the

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Drawers as Storage Containers

Turning drawers into storage containers has never been easier thanks to this DIY project by Hometalker Tracy. Simply sand down a drawer, paint it the color of your choice

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Pretty in Pink Storage Containers

Your home workspace is your personal haven, which is why it is decorated in such a way to create an environment that is conducive to your success. For Hometalker Jessica,

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A Craft Lover's Storage Dreams

For those with a craft room in your house, you know that it can get quite messy at times with all the bits and bobs needed. This is why organization is even more

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Under Bed Storage Containers

There can be a lot of wasted space in a room, such as space under your bed. This is why Hometalker Ronja Lotte shared her ingenious hack of taking dressers drawers and

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