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Asked on Jun 12, 2019

How can I use this small basket?

Cheryl GillmanPegi Phillips-SappHolly Lengner - Lost Mom


I have 6 of these small baskets...any ideas to use them?

q any good ideas using this small basket
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  • Marcelina
    on Jun 12, 2019

    Sell them to me.

  • Pamela
    on Jun 12, 2019

    They would look pretty with a battery operated candle inside....

  • Ang
    on Jun 12, 2019

    Fill them with fake succulents and hang them around your house in various places.

  • Robyn Garner
    on Jun 12, 2019

    Put pots of plants in them and arrange them on your porch along with LED battery candles.

  • Cheryl
    on Jun 13, 2019

    It is a beautiful basket in its brilliant colors. When I have baskets I think there are numerous ideas for use. If it matches some part or highlights some accent in your home, just put it on display. Or use it to gather items you find around the house when people lose something small. You could make any type of floral arrangement with faux,dried, or preserved florals. An air plant or 2 would look beautiful. Put it in a grouping of other items and make a shabby chic display...have fun with it!

  • Flipturn
    on Jun 13, 2019

    Purchase extra small sized bathroom and grooming supplies ( cotton balls, razors, dental floss, etc. ) in bulk to save $, then use the baskets to store them. With the lids, the items inside would keep dust free. Displaying the baskets in a row on an above-the-door mounted shelf would be attractive.

    Did you know that bars of soap last much longer if left to harden for a couple of months after being removed from their wrappers?

    • Shuganne
      on Jun 16, 2019

      I usually have a 3 - 6 month supply of bar soap. I open one end because the wrapper is usually plastic or waxed paper. That lets more air in and more moisture out. Usually I'll flip the bars the next time I grab one so they dry out more evenly. No more soap soup in the bottom of the soap dish!

  • Holly Lengner - Lost Mom
    on Jun 14, 2019

    You can use them in the bathroom for cotton balls, q-tips and other small items. You could use them as planters around the house or create a hanging garden with them in your kitchen. You could also use them as packages for small gifts - just add a bow and you are good to go!

  • Pegi Phillips-Sapp
    on Jun 14, 2019

    Do any of the above and hang from ceiling around sink area so they are accessible when needed.

  • Cheryl Gillman
    on Jun 16, 2019

    You could put little fairy lights in them and put fake/real plants/flowers in them

    Put led candles in them

    Fill them with potpourri

    Put little candies in them

    Put one or a couple in your bathroom on a counter with faceclothes/hand towels rolled up fancy in them

    • Shuganne
      on Jun 16, 2019

      I was thinking potpouri, too. I have pedastil sinks where the shut off valves are visible underneath. I have baskets of potpouri hanging there. Pretty and functional!

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