Asked on Jul 27, 2019

How do I get rid of ants from my house?

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  • Hi Lori - Those little buggers are relentless, aren't they?!? This is the most effective method and all-natural spray DIY that we use with ants. It's best indoors, but will also work outside with more frequent applications. It's even been featured on Hometalk! Hope this helps! Hugs, Holly

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  • Trudy
    on Jul 28, 2019

    I buy the ant trap baits that come in tiny tubs. They carry the poison back to their nest and then disappear!

  • Marilyn case
    Marilyn case
    on Jul 28, 2019

    I live in Tennessee. We used to always see ants. Little ones, big black ones, & flying ones. I’ve tried everything. Sticky stuff, Terro, traps, etc. I was frustrated. But then a friend suggested a simple remedy. He said: Mix 50% Borax laundry detergent with 50% Sugar. Mix and spread out around your house. (May have to do a couple of times) Also can put out in house in small tub lids. It WORKED! I’ve used it since moving here 10 years ago! When I see them we put some out. They take it back to their farms and it kills the rest. We even tried it on a high flying ant or termite hill by our shed. Next day no hill, no ants/termites. Plus it’s cheap. Hope this is helpful and works for you.

  • Kristine Haas Rudnick
    Kristine Haas Rudnick
    on Aug 1, 2019

    I sprinkle baby powder where I see the ants coming in at, against the wall and wherever else I see them. It works every time, they don’t like stepping in it

  • Lisa S.
    Lisa S.
    on Aug 8, 2019

    I have had great success with Terro brand ant products. Besides the gel the sell for inside the house. There are stakes you can put outside. I have found that just having the outside stakes prevents them from coming in at all.

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