How do I get rid of white ants from pallet wood ?

by Coo33031253

a year ago I made a bench with pallet wood obtained from a logistics company. Recently I noticed white ants eating into the wood. Sadly my hubby dismantled it and burned it in fear of it getting into furniture. I would like to make another bench. How do I prevent the ants from eating into the wood. I'm In SA

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  • Jamie Boyce Jamie Boyce on Aug 13, 2018

    Are you sure the 'white ants' weren't termites? Termidor makes an expensive spray to treat termites. You would need to treat your wood with that and retreat as necessary to prevent. Sadly, in many areas, pallet wood just comes with termites and really shouldn't be used for inside projects.

  • Landsharkinnc Landsharkinnc on Aug 13, 2018

    yep - they're termites for sure; that's the problem with untreated wood; not termite resistant ... you can treat the wood, but might cost you more than what the piece is worth to you. South America or South Africa ...termites are pretty much everywhere!

  • Tira Tira on Aug 14, 2018

    You have termites. Try sealing your project to save it.