I have canna seed pods - should I plant them now or wait for spring?


Can i put seed pods in ground over winter i tried storing over winter in shed they just rot if i plant them in ground now (august) will they come up next spring or should i put pods in bowl and sit on shelf till next spring

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  • Mona Blake Mona Blake on Aug 07, 2019

    No, don't put them in the ground. They will freeze and die. Place on a shelf until May.

  • Vexie Vexie on Aug 07, 2019

    I never planted canna seed pods. Usually the canna will multiply and you can set out the bulbs in the fall or in the spring. I put my gladious bulbs in something like a onion bag and put it where air can circulate around it and also in a place where it's a little dark. Hope this helps!!!

  • Toni @ Girl, Just DIY! Toni @ Girl, Just DIY! on Aug 07, 2019

    It depends on where you live. Since they are tropical plants if you're in a very cold winter climate then I would start them inside and put them in a sunny window to get them started.

  • Lisa S. Lisa S. on Aug 08, 2019

    Dig up the rizomes (roots) n the fall. Cut off the stalks. I put mine in a cardboard box loosely . They are big, so don't crunch them down. So air can circulate to keep them from rotting. I place mine in my garage, in the upper portion near to the house. If you have no garage, then the basement. You want them to be kept cool and dark, but not freezing. You can also store in an old basket, or bushel basket. They cannot freeze over the winter or they will die. Then replant in the spring. Mine are a few years old now, and I got them from someone else's.

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