Asked 4 days ago

How can I keep my dogs from peeing on my outdoor furniture?

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  • Sharon
    4 days ago

    Once that odor is on something, they will return to it to use as their bathroom. So I would use a pet enzyme cleaner like Nature's Miracle to treat any furniture and fabrics.

    You might consider putting a small dog run in your yard or a zipline to put the dogs in to relieve themselves..... or take them for a walk 2x a day.

    I made a 25' zipline in my client's yard for him to put his pitbull in the unfenced yard. I used a really long coated steel cable attached to the porch and a tree at the back of the yard, and then you use a shorter steel cable fastened down to the dogs collar/harness so they can move freely down the zipline. I also did this on a smaller scale for another clients two chihauhaus. Then use a pooper scooper to keep the yard clean.

  • Flipturn
    4 days ago

    Where is the designated 'bathroom' located in the yard that the dogs have been taught to go to do their business? Why are the dogs not using it?

    • They are dogs, mine will pee in the garden on a nice day, but if it is raining he will pee in anything under the pergola. He does not want to get wet. So not necessary about bad training.

  • Cynthia H
    2 days ago

    An enzyme product will help remove the odor. Can you limit access to that area?

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