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How do you grow a mango tree from the seed?

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  • Em
    2 days ago

    I have my first one growing now. The giant pit inside houses a see that is the size of a large lima bean. I soaked the large pod for about two weeks then pried it open. I planted the seed and after many weeks it finally took and I am so happy to have my first mango. It is on the right in the green pot. The left is an avocado.

  • we have done the same

  • Debbie K

    Hi Debbie, here's a video showing how to grow from seed

  • Kmdreamer
    5 minutes ago

    Take thee tooth picks put them in the center all around evenly then place in a small cup so half is in the water keep the water up to 1/2 way it will grow have patiance

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